Base game engine designer borked!

I went back to the base game, left openbeta, and strange things happen with the engine.

You start an engine in 1995, set up the block, cam and valves.

Go to the internals tab and the engine jumps to 2016. It won’t let you go back and when you go to the block it’s all blank. Press any of the block types (Inline, V6…) and the game freezes for a minute and then bombs out.

I uninstalled and reinstalled the game.

Verified the game files.

Still the same.

I haven’t gone back to openbeta, just yet, to test it. I haven’t had any issues with the openbeta.


Edit: Also tried in safemode with the same result.

This will fix your issue and clear things up:

Cheers, that worked…but…

In both car and engine designer, I create the model/family but when I go to the “components” part then the trim/variant jumps to 2012.

The car I created is 1995. Is this normal?