x Automation x Gambler 500 Modding Competition!

We are very happy to announce that we are partnering up with our friends at to run a BeamNG modding contest, in celebration of the really cool partnership they have just announced with Gambler 500!

Through this partnership, we hope to blur the boundaries between virtual and real-life creativity, and we’re inviting you all along for the ride. The team, along with the Modding for Dummies community, we’re bringing you the Gambler 500 Modding Contest, so everyone can show us what they’ve got!

We challenge you to unleash your imagination and bring the spirit of Gambler 500 to BeamNG! Make a map, vehicles, props, Automation vehicles or even missions - now is the time to strut your stuff.

Contest Details

  • Submissions are open from now until 30 June 2023

The following categories are accepted:

  • Vehicles/props, vehicle/prop modifications with accompanying configs
  • Automation creations
  • Maps
  • Gameplay (missions, scenarios)

Submission Criteria

  • Entries must be submitted through the BeamNG mod repository.
  • Each entry must be original and represent the theme of the contest.
  • The quality of the mod and the repo page should be as good as possible.
  • The published mod should be shared in the dedicated BeamNG forum thread.
  • You cannot continue an older project for this challenge.

Competition Theme

To create a BeamNG mod or Automation export that is in the theme of the Gambler 500 event.

What is the Gambler 500?

In the Gambler 500, entrants build cheap, shitbox cars and go out into the wilderness for a weekend of navigational challenges, camping, clean-up and camaraderie. If you’re wondering what makes a Gambler car, it’s pretty simple!

The core tenet of the event is, to have fun, be kind to one another, and leave the place you’re enjoying in a cleaner, better condition than when you arrived - all very important things indeed, and also very important to this competition as well!


The winners will be determined by a jury comprising the BeamNG Dev team, the Automation team, and the MFD team. We will announce the winners on 17 July 2023, and they will receive the following rewards:

1st place - $300, exclusive BeamNG x Gambler 500 poster, 3 game key packages
2nd place - $200, exclusive BeamNG x Gambler 500 poster, 2 game key packages
3rd place - $100, exclusive BeamNG x Gambler 500 poster , 1 game key package

Automation Export category winner - $100, exclusive BeamNG x Gambler 500 poster, 3 game key packages

A game key package consists of one key, one Automation key, plus one of each of Automation’s DLCs.

Team entries are permitted for this challenge.

For more information, please refer to the official BeamNG post here.
We can’t wait to see your submissions and wish everyone the best of luck!


As someone who drives their Gambler car as a daily… I am in love with this challenge. I’ll definitely be submitting something here :love_you_gesture:


Are they tried in game or just by aesthetics?

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Looks mental, feels mental, is mental - this challenge is one of the crazier ones so far, and deservedly so!


It’s mostly going to be aesthetics, but bear in mind that all entries need to be uploaded to the Beam Mod Repository to be entered into the contest, so you’ll want to pay attention to how it drives.


How am I supposed to prove that I have actually started on a new project?


If the car has been previously uploaded to the BeamNG Mod Repository, it’s not eligible. Otherwise it’s fair game.