Big Fruinian Muscle Cars Cup Stage 2 [FINISHED]

There is an open beta running? I thought it was only in closed beta atm?

I’m also in the “wheel spin is not that important” camp. At least it shouldn’t be in Heavily weighted category (if necessary I would suggest Under w.). It’s simply not the main criteria when buying a modern muscle.

Other than that, it will be another nice challenge with tough competitors :slight_smile:

Have to say, I kind of like the wheelspin parameter.

It makes you play the balancing act of wheelspin and round 1 score versus actual performance around the track. I’m well aware this balancing act cost me dearly in the Daytona round of the previous stage, especially with all the power I had on tap. But I don’t regret that for a moment.

Obviously, any car with a reasonably high power output can spin its wheels, even at speed if you tug the wheel just right (hopefully you have the room to do so). But the capacity to burn rubber going straight at 250km/h has a nice “look at all this power we have for you” ring to it. I appreciate muscle cars mainly because of the simplicity of lots of power in a simple, rugged chassis. If you will, the pure motoring enthusiasm of “add more displacement and find something to bolt it to”.

A muscle car without wheelspin will go around corners better. But if that’s all one is looking for, they may want to consider a turbo four banger bolted to a small eurasian coupe.

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You can have handling and a big powerful engine that will do burnouts down the track.

Its 2010( in this threads case), not 1969

Both is good. There were suggestions that you only needed the one. (The one that isn’t wheelspin).

Both takes us right back to the balancing act, which to me seems like a good dynamic.

Edit: Also yes, there is an open beta.

So I couldn’t help but play around and I think I’ve settled on a car, even before the rules have been set. It’s ok, I can always tweak if I have to, but I don’t think I should. It’ll be a nostalgia car based on the legacy of the Phaedra Juggernaut, but in playing to Fruinian sensibilities, it’s much smaller, tidier and economical, just like a modern car ought to be.

It’s also a reference to the very first car I showed on these forums, which wasn’t so much a design piece as it was built purely to tackle the leaderboards, hence the same name: Genesis. Naturally since I shared the track pack version in the Indy back in 1967, so too will I use the track pack here.

Also lol @ using Razyx’s light grille as a GT stripe.


i don’t know that much about this topic, but, i thought it is exactly because of the price isn’t it?
it’s “cheap power”, and you could still have some leftover budget to mod the engine.

at least that’s what i’ve known so far,

I’m planning to bring a reworked version of the Howler Firebrand. The fixtures still need a bit of polish (and a small detail or two is missing), but it is going to end up looking something like this:

The tech underneath is still in the outline phase, what with the rules not being 100% in place yet.


Don’t worry, I’ll be out pretty much out all day (it’s 10am at this moment here) so somewhere around midnight I’ll post the revised draft for the scoring!

wow, that looks like a concept car you’d find in the wilder corners of SEMA :smile:

I really want this to end up in the pony category like round one, but it just scores so damn well in muscle.

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@nialloftara What’s the hood scoop mod?

I could re-use my 2006 RPG Stallion from the American Road Trip Challenge if I wanted to…
RPG - Stallion
But I feel like I should create something new for each challenge, so maybe I should supply the failed new muscle car design that nearly destroyed American Eagle Automotive…

It’s an interesting story.

It’s another from razyx it’s called the wirl scoop. He’s been pumping out some really high quality fixtures lately. Here’s his workshop link.

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As weight increases, your formula in the spreadsheet requires better fuel economy, is that intentional?

So, I updated the fuel economy calculator (thanks to @USDMFTW for pointing that out), now it is supposed to require better fuel economy as the car gets lighter.

I also updated the scoring system to this:


  • Heavily weighted (x2) max power(hp)[/10] + max torque(lb-ft)[/10] + highest competitiveness value in muscle or pony + 1/4 mile speed(mph) – 0-62 time – ¼ mile time

  • Normal weighted (x1) Top speed (mph/h)[/10] + sportiness + drivability + comfort + prestige

  • Under weighted (x0.5) wheelspin + utility + safety + avg reliability[/quote]

Now, what do you think?power and torque are now heavily weighted, sportiness is normal and wheelspin is in the bottom. Should I ditch wheelspin entirely and replace it with something else, like " – emissions" or " + displacement [cc/100]" ?

EDIT: Also, latest stable release.

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Looks good to me, dont need to remove wheelspin.

^^^^^^^This is way better wheelspin is in the right spot leave it this way


Agree, looks good to me!

I suspect there are going to be quite a few cars in this round that will have a top speed of >300km/h… I’m not even running that much power for a track-pack trim. It’s got less than a 2008 Challenger SRT8, but is significantly faster (and cheaper!)

It is set then. Entries are now open, until june 11 at 11:59 pm UTC-5

Im under 300 km/h, just under it. If i change my aero, im over 300 km/h