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I don’t use the automation forums very often, but I might end up posting the builds I’m especially proud of here!

I sometimes make some pretty outside the box stuff that isn’t necessarily cars, such as motorcycles or other wacky contraptions.

I hope you will enjoy them!



1980 KIN Kinetica 10-6

This wonderfully depressing motorhome is equipped with everything an early 80’s family could ever want!
This includes:

  • Enclosed bathroom with toilet and shower
  • Kitchen area with gas stove and sink and plenty of storage
  • Spaceous living area with storage under seats and a table that folds down to double as a bed
  • “Large” television for your viewing pleasure
  • Folding bed above the cabin for extra sleeping capacity

Both the interior and exterior is 100% made out of 3D fixtures. It’s taken me about a full week to complete and is by far my most ambitious project to date!


Oh wow, that is absolutely stunning. Truly a piece of art. The level of detail you’ve put into is mind blowing!

I…I don’t know what to say, honestly. :exploding_head:
(Other than that the flag is beautiful of course :wink: )

Thank you so much! I really appreciate it! :heart:

:heart: :muscle: :sweden:


(jokes aside he is very smol and i love him)

He is too pure for the Methé :smile:

I never thought anyone would go to the trouble of making a motorhome entirely out of 3D fixtures, but you did just that - and the results are stunning.

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Brother I love it!! Me I am amazed by the quality of the detail. I would love to drive it on Beamng, have you thought about publishing your model in beam mods? Greetings and good work!

Thank you for the kind words!

If I would put this on the repository I would first want to do some extra stuff like add a working steering wheel and guages, make the lights inside work etc etc.

If I find a way to do that I definitely will! :smile: