Block config changing octane?

A while back I built a 4.1L pushrod 6 to go in to Mustang/Falcon/Torino/Whatever 70’s coupe. Based on the dinosaur Australian 250ci I6, it wouldn’t fit, so I changed it to a V config. I got annoyed tonight and adjusted the firewall in the LUA to let it fit. Go into sandbox and switch the block from V6 to I6, octane (RON) jumps from 91.9 to 95.5 with no other changes. If I make it an I4, because “why not?”, it wants 93.7.
Sure, it’ll run on 98 but I don’t want that. Maybe I’m just having a cry…maybe there’s something more sinister going on…like the oil companies forcing us to buy more expensive fuel. :laughing:

If anybody can explain this, I’ll politely post “thanks much”.

The long engine configs suffer from this problem. It’s that the fuel gets to travel a long way from the carby to the extreme cylinders, and (that part is my wild guess, since everything I know about engines comes from this game, and the game does not explain it) it affects the fuel mixing, causing a less consistent and less precise fuel mixture.

What I’m completely certain of (in terms of game mechanics at least) is that If you put more carbs onto it, it should be way better.

Kubby is correct, that effect is modeled into the game. So V12s need many more carbs than I4s to work with the same octane.

That sounds explained to me.
As promised:
Thanks much.