Boise International Raceway v1

After the development and success of the Leviathan, Blanton Motors decided they needed facilities to fettle their cars a little closer to home. Purchasing some nearby farm, they immediately got to work landscaping and in record time, and in true Blanton fashion the track stood ready barely a year later.

Named Boise International Raceway, it is 23 corners and 5.23km/3.25 miles of car torturing asphalt.

== Changelog ==
v1: Track created. It’s only 0.006m too long, so barely anything. A few tricky looking sections have sportiness values put in, decent racing lines and cambered corners.
v1.1 After facing a very bizarre discrepancy between the editor and the simulation of the track in Automation, I set out to fix some lines. Um, that became a royal pain in the ass. It currently runs a little wide into some corners, and scrapes the insides of some others. As they are a sequence of corners it is extremely tricky to see how each changes affects the next since it doesn’t follow the visual, and the sim is acting up.

== Download ==
Boise International Raceway


I’m no artist, but this looks great, awesome job!
(I seriously drew this in paint)

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Yeah, I redid it in Inkscape. Glad you like it!

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