Brands Hatch Indy

Hey guys, I have another track for you, the short Brands Hatch Indy circuit. I tried to make the car accelerate out of and brake into the corners properly. The third sector time is a flying lap.

Have fun! (1.24 MB)

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One of my all time favorite tracks, well done :slight_smile:. Will try it out when I get my laptop back.

Would it be okay if I created a leaderboard thread for this track? (Much like my Airfield, Jakgoe’s Automation Track, and strop’s Green Hell leaderboards.)

Do whatever you like. :slight_smile:

FAHK! I just completed mine :frowning:

Will give it a go anyway :slight_smile: Thanks

EDIT: Just tested mine, it goes completely off track on one bit :stuck_out_tongue:

You made the same track? Sorry for that, I didn’t know.

No need to apologise, you got it on here first and your one is a LOT better than my one anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

Brands Hatch Indy lap times board is up, let the games begin! viewtopic.php?f=13&t=4203

Looks and feels good! What’s up with the 3rd corner and the map though?

I suppose the red line is the actual line of of the car (in game), and is ever so slightly off.

It’s difficult to find a good track map, so I used Google Maps. But for the driving line data, I used rFactor AI driving line data (like I did for Green Hell). Either the image is a bit weird or the driving line data is a bit off. The advantage of using the AI data is that I also get height information, so I chose that. Maybe I’ll make a different background pic later, so that nobody notices the difference. :wink:

gets down on knees

starts bowing repeatedly

All Hail Der Bayer, our generous Lord of Tracks.

p.s. would it be too much trouble to also do Brands Hatch GP? I’ll actually pay you money if you wanted!!!

Maybe in a month’s time. This track was just meant to show what can be done with the current simulation in terms of accelerating and braking out of/into corners. That’s why I chose the short Indy circuit, it only took 1.5 hours. :slight_smile:

It’s fantastic, the gradation of speed coming into and out of corners is a real leap forward. I don’t have any real life experience to compare to, but it does remarkably similar to other driving simulators I’ve played… except for the third corner, but that may be more to do with the fact that I tend to cut the inside kerb very aggressively…