BRC 1976 - Under Pressure [E8-Q]

Seriously people, just stop.

I can confirm that I have now cleared all my evenings and even booked a day off work to develop ErinSport’s BRC entrant. We want points this time and by god we’re gonna get them!


Oh, nevermind.

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Some people (including myself of course) take this challenge a little bit too seriously :nerd:


so mostly are ‘stop and go’ low speed corner section circuit and with only 3 circuit that have long straight. this is a quite big dilemma to revise previous car with major downfoce or make lighter agile car.

so BRC tools still hate if you have multiple trim/variant in same time which mean if you car have another trim/variant the blue screen error gonna appear

So it appears that I’m having some BRC Tool issues as well.

Edit: Fresh install didn’t work.

Have you tried moving old car trim files (or files from other game builds) to another location?

i got a car for the pre season test but how do i use the tool? all the strategy choices i will have to find out i guess but what do Q and R1-R3 exactly mean? where do i make choices for the test?

For the pre-season test you don’t have to make big choices in the Tool. Just enter your name and your racing number.

There’s a readme.txt coming along with the Tool. Make sure to check that out first. If anything remains unclear after that, feel free to ask here.

Q is Qualifying, R1-R3 are race 1, 2, 3. For this challenge you only need to take care of Q and R1. R2 and R3 can be ignored as there will only be one race per race weekend.

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Where do i find the numbers to calc the cost?:confounded:
Exact tabs and positions in those tabs would be much appreciated.:relieved:

Opted out of beta… cleaned the warehouse full of old cars… and so it begins.

Fyi brctool works with everything as stated above and without any cars in sandbox the game loads 982374893278x faster. Go figure…

edit: @RobtheFiend last engine tab under manufacturing you have production units and material cost for engine, in cars trim detail stats you have in bottom (haha bottom) space material cost and prod. units of body.

BRCTool will do it for you ->

Or just calculate car material cost + engine material cost + (engine prod. units + car prod. units) * 25.

Rob, your capital letter issue is due to the fact that you should press Shift instead of using Caps Lock.

That new BRC season in interesting. Will try to have a look at it :slight_smile:

Is the brctool in post head updated to 10k cost limit? or can we do it manually somewhere in tools files?

I think I updated it, yes. There’s no way you can change it.

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I’m using shift. Who the hell is using CAPS LOCK to make a single capital letter?

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I’m using the standard interface of Love2d for getting the keyboard inputs. I really have no idea why it is not working for you. You could try using the other shift button (left/right). If that’s not working, leave me a note in the PM and I will fix it manually.

I had the same issue, just ended up not using capital letters.

Does average reliability matter? I don’t remember cars having any sorts of body failure…

So far I’m dropping under 2.14 att but car ain’t what you’d call frugal… Well it’s still better than hockenheim special :wink:
I guess I’ll soon be doing range calculations again…

Using LEFT-Shift key, it worked for me.:relieved: Right-Shift key, nope. Strange.

@Der_Bayer The BRC tool says $8962, but my ingame calculations says $9990.:confused: