Brooklands Race Circuit (historical)

Requested by @BobLoblaw, here is Brooklands Circuit, built in 1907 as a purpose-built “banked” track, something brand new at the time. A 2.75 mile oval with banking on both curves built by Hugh F. Locke King. A storied history, it sadly did not survive WWII in a usable state and was not rebuilt. It closed for racing in 1939 to support the war efforts, and never reopened.

If anyone has better data for this track, please share it with me, because the track no longer exists, and even parts of the pavement for the track no longer exist. It’s as bad as Fuji, I tell ya! But I digress, as this is an odd duck, for sure. It has a leading start and a finishing straight, and a double banked outer oval. It’s a flying lap here, but not a standard one. To get a flying lap time, subtract split 2 from split 1. That’s the outer oval. It will not include the leading start or finishing straight. A lot of this design was taken straight from horse racing, quite literally.

Here is the track layout as it once existed.

Here is how the land looks today.

Brooklands (2.0 MB)


An episode of James May’s Toy Stories had them building a slot car track along the entire course of the circuit. With a few creative innovations needed for some parts.

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