Bug report for double click on car in sandbox

Initial conditions:
User has at least one car in sandbox.

Replication scenario:

  1. Go to sandbox
  2. Double click on car list item (red border on image)
  3. Application presents window with lua error message.

Test environmet: Windows 8 x64, 8 GB RAM, Core i5-2500, nVidia GTX 550Ti OC

Yes! This one is known: the double-click functionality is broken and leads to an exception, while pressing the revise button works just as it should. This will be fixed pretty soon.
Thank you for this report though: clear and to the point, with everything a bugreport needs :slight_smile: Cheers!

Yes, I realized that ‘revise button’ works correct.
Usually I’m reading bug reports from the other side, because I’m working as Java/Scala developer. I know how important it is that bug report should be complete and clear :slight_smile:

Obviously you do know your stuff, thank you very much for the effort!