(Campaign) The American Dream - 0: Rule Discussion

To start from almost nothing, and succeed through sheer skill and willpower in the modern capitalist world is rather difficult. Especially if you try yourself in one of the most saturated and competitive markets to ever exist.

It’s 2012. After selling all your properties, you figure you could give it a try. Without the market awareness or the R&D of the industry giants makes launching a car company quite a challenge. Will you survive? Or will you fail spectacularly? Or can a miracle happen in those 8 years you are given? Time to find out…

The Rules
Really quite simple.

-Use the latest release of the game on the openbeta branch.

-Use the provided file for campaign.

-Along with the end-of-game campaign file you will have to send all modifications you do to marketing, techpool, and factory setup in this format:
“YY/MM, change in each value (in-game name, number changed by, or set to in case of factories)”
Make sure to take notes. This is to make sure the saves are legit since I have no other way of checking.

-No modifying difficulty. You have to keep it the same it was at the start.

Any in-game exploit that significantly alters the results should be discussed below to be decided wheter or not it is allowed. If yes, provide a guide.

What you have to do:

-Stage 0: Suggest rule changes and balancing acts. This is my first hosted event, so feel free to add your ideas. Testing is also appreciated.

-Stage 1: Play on the provided campaign savefile until 1/2020. Designing the car(s) and lore would be appreciated.

-Stage 2: Submit your end-of-game campaign savefile in my PM. Format is: “american dream {forum name, brand name}”. Additional details you need to submit are as mentioned before - read rules. Opening and closure TBC.

-Stage 3: Wait for results. Post your designs and lore.

Stages past 0 are subject to change

Import Campaign Savefile: The American Dream - Google Drive

Scoring: Campaign Score + Some multiplier on company evaluation at 1/2020. The exact numbers will be revealed at the end of Stage 0.


I’ve never seen a challenge involving the continuation of a preexisting campaign file, so this feels like a breath of fresh air for campaign players.

Well, not really a continuation, just a start of a new one. I made the file just do people are less likely to mess up. Still, haven’t seen any other campaign challenges pop up this year.

Great idea, but I think the Ellisbury campaign isn’t quite up for such a challenge just yet. For instance, there is this bug: Discord

It basically allows you to ‘hack’ ongoing sales through price changes in not-yet-signed-off facelifts, and the impact can be quite massive…

Well, this is why stage 0 exists. And that ‘hack’ makes a new rule. Any more of these bugs I should know about? I’ve played quite a lot of campaign but haven’t specifically tried to find any of these, might have to do that. Thanks for the report!

There may be something wonky around tax calculations as well, but that may just be intransparency of how exactly tax is calculated and what is tax-deductible. Can’t find the exact discussions around it at the moment.

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