Campign problems

I cant create new trims of car like I do in sandbox, there’s not even such option, it gets annoying, nor I cant upgrade the factories, I made an archanan 4x4 that was selling like hotcakes, but I was limted by the engine output, and it was too late to expand the factory it seemed

Yes, that’s not possible yet, it will be possible in future versions.

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and what about creating varioations of an engine and cars? I cant do that for some stupid reason

You mean creating a new trim?


you just select the trim ( the downward arrow ) and that will allow you to copy or create a trim trim same with the engine

I don’t seem to have that option

You can’t change such things after you sign the project. Remember, it’s just LIGHT campaign in a game from early access. These features will come later, AFAIK.

Oh, Bummer