Camshark Motor Industry Corp (CMIC)

Camshark Motor Industry Corp (CMIC) was founded in 1980. It has the following subsidiary companies:
Sunfire Motors 1968-1998
Mythical Motors 1970-1976
Robin Eco Motors 1990-1994
Eagle Manufacturing 1988-Present
Moose Manufacturing 2000-?
Kutes Cars - 2001-?

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The back bone of Sunfire Motors from its begining to its demise.
This is the Sunfire Standard Saloon 1st Gen launched to mundane praise from the automotive world after 4 years of development in 1972.

Staring features include:
1998cc I4 producing 98hp @ 5300RPM
4 speed Manual
Corrosion resistant Steel Monocoque and panels
Solid Axle Coil suspension (Front), Semi Trailing Arms (Rear)
MPG: 19.5
Colour Options include Metallic Lime (Shown), Pink Pansy, Orange Marmalade and Blueberry
All yours for £603.66d (1972)
£8481 today

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Sunfire decided to launch a super car under the brand of Mythical to push up market.

The new car was called the Mythical Sphynx and was launched at the end of 1972 for the 1973 model year

This had a 2997cc V6 producing 160hp at 5600RPM

Mid engine with double wishbones all round and a 5 speed manual, it was the most complex car Sunfire had made. It cost £936.37 (1973) and had fuel economy of 17.4MPG.

Today that is £11945

Unfortunately due to the oil crisis, production was stopped after only 500 units had been manufactured and Mythical was dropped.

In 1976, Sunfire gave the Standard a facelift with minor changes to the roofline metal work and more black plastic.

There was modification to the engine which now had Twin Carbs and produced 106hp, however fuel economy was now only 14.9MPG.

The Standard also gained front discs instead of drums and a premium interior, with 8 Track.

Colour choices were now increased to include Grey Sky and Brutal Black as well as the previous generations Metallic Lime, Pink Pansy, Orange Marmalade and Blueberry (Shown).

The Standard cost £1,816.79 (1976) but with the premium features, it was a stronger seller with people who like to be in descrete luxury.

Thats £12,322 today

Shortly after launching the first gen Standard, Sunfire attempted to enter the mass market and gain a larger market share. They launched their first hatchback in 1973, The Saree.

Critics agreed that it would be more appealing the Standard, featuring a lower price and better fuel efficiency of 27.1mpg.

It had a 1589cc, 80hp I4 and had Drum brakes all round and revolutionary, for Sunfire, Macpherson and Torison Beam suspension set up.

It cost £536.50 (1973) significantly less than the Standard.

Today that’s £6,844

The Saree previewed some features of the facelift Standard, such as the colour choice and grills before the car went to market.

Pink Pansy is shown on this example

After the initial success of the Saree, Sunfire improve on the concept by answering to customers need for more doors, launching a 5door model in 1974. To make it more appealing, the Saree 5 got a premium interior and 8 Track.

It cost £731.08 (1974) and had a slight hit to the fuel efficiency, only getting 26.3MPG.

That’s £7834 today

Orange Marmalade shown