Can't Add Cars

When I download a car’s .lua files (made in 1357), and put the files into their respective folders, the game does not see them. I go to the sandbox, and none of the files are there. In the files, the version shown is 1353, but this is also the case in the files of the cars that I have made (and work). What should I do?

Edit: The engine is there, but the platform and model do not appear.

Did you put in both the model and the platform file (in the right folders of course)?

Yes, I am certain they are in the right folder. To be safe, I tried switching them, and it didn’t work either.

Could you please upload the files so that I can check or is it secret stuff? :wink:

I’ll PM them to you.

All fine for me, the platform appears in the platform manager and I can load the model.

Should I run the cleaner?

Edit: Ran it, and it worked fine.