Can't change Current Year by holding down mouse button?

What happened to my post regarding how holding down the mouse button to change the Current Year doesn’t work anymore in the new (June 30th) Engine Designer? I posted it yesterday and now it’s gone. I checked my subscriptions in the User Control Panel and it’s not listed there either.

My bug report is this: For some reason in the latest version of the Engine Designer it no longer recognizes if you hold down the mouse button on one of the Current Year arrows. As a result you have to click once for each and every year. Clicking 73 times to change the year from 2013 to 1940 is painful. :slight_smile: Hopefully this will be restored in future versions.

It would also be nice to see it added to the Bore and Stroke slider arrows (maybe every slider) eventually, but no rush.

Huh, not sure where that thread went!

Bug noted, thanks for spotting it :slight_smile: