Cant seem to find the right graphic setting

I have an acer aspire 5735 yes its not the best gaming laptop and it does have to work to play automation but it does work

the only thing i have to niggle at is the wheel size bug on some settings the wheels are a hell of a lot smaller than usual and when im trying to change the size it stays the same.

any help here ???

So weird.
I swear I dont know how to help you =/

Could you post a screenshot of the too small wheels? Never heard of that problem before, will probably fix itself with the next update as we have tire sizing in then :slight_smile:

Yes, I have the same problem with my old laptop.
It’s an Acer Aspire about 6 years old. Apart from the small wheels the graph quality is very low.
Best solution for this problem: get a new laptop/computer. :wink:
Since I’m at work I can’t post any pictures, but when I get home I’ll have a look.

your forums wont let me upload it but just imagine building a car then as soon as you go to design it or open up the window the wheels are really small

i would upload the picture but it says the extension is not allowed

then save it under a different extension. .png is allowed for sure.

anyone have any ideas on this BUG ???

A rough guess: Your probably integrated graphics chip is struggling.

I dont want to disappoint you… but your Laptop has a GMA 4500M
I consider it a non-supported Graphics Chip. You CAN play the game, but with severe graphical glitches or horrible performance.
This chart gives you a good clue about the bare minimums.

In the Options in the Launcher.

Untick Screen space ambient occlusion (SSAO) and FXAA.

That should make the crazy black pixels go away.

Could I also get a DXDiag from you (Instructions can be found here: … ation_File )