Car Body Format Changes

Did you by any chance set a negative value for the overhang? I noticed that when I did that, instead of just having the frame between the wheel arches move backwards, the wheel arches moved along with it.

I’m just going through the cars list that are in Kee Automation and bringing them in to the UE4 version, and I’ve noticed a recurring problem with the UE4 version and the way we have been handling Smoothing Groups.
This isn’t a problem in Kee, but please keep this in mind when making new bodies, as I’m having to go through all the bodies and fix them up before bringing them in to the UE4 version :slight_smile:

This is the problem we are seeing with bodies:

This is because Smoothing Groups cannot share any mesh properties, including vertices.

If two separate parts of a mesh that should have hard edges share a Smoothing Group and a vertex, like so:

Then you will get the problem as shown in the first picture, as the .FBX format (as well as our own normal recalculation when morphing the car) will not understand that these are seperate, and will see the shared vertex and try to smooth over it.


Have you started converting the 70sLuxury body that I sent you yet? Because I’ve done some major refinements to the model, though I haven’t skinned it yet.

Not sure… post a pic of it so I can remember which one it is?

This one: