Car Company Directory

Name of car company: ACME
Owner of company: mkm099
Website or Forum Thread:
Established: 1981
Company ID: #1981099

Name of Car Company: Efini Motor Corporation
Owner of company: TheMiltos21
Website or Forum thread: Delete please admins
Established: 1985
Company ID: #1985787

Name of Company: Curver, division of the Curver Automotive Group
Owner of company: Steelmaniac
Website or forum thread:
Established: 1947
Company ID: 1947454

Name of Car Company: Dominion AutoWorks
Owner of company: MasterZephyr
Established: 8th March 1952
Company ID: #1952664

Name of Car Company: American Eagle Automotive (AEA)
Owner of company: findRED19
Website or Forum thread: AEA / RPG [1968 Barracuda Advertisement]
Established: 1948
Company ID: 1948072

Name of Car Company: Redhawk Performance Group (RPG) - Performance Division of AEA
Owner of company: findRED19
Website or Forum thread: AEA / RPG [1968 Barracuda Advertisement] (same as AEA)
Established: 1955
Company ID: 1955073

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Name of Car Company: DropHenRen Automotive
Owner of company: DropHenRen
Established: 2016
Company ID: 2016212
Website or Forum thread: DropHenRen Automotive official car design forum

Name of Car Company: Faulkner Motor Company
Owner of company: SuperJack
Established: 1958
Company ID: 1958512

Name of Car Company: Maxphe Motorworks
Owner of company: nosirrbro
Website or Forum thread: Soon™
Established: September 7th 1939
Company ID: #1939001

Name of Car Company: Carrozzieri Albatro
Owner of company: TurboIsLife
Established: 1945
Company ID: 1945614

Name of Car Company: STF
Owner of company: dspgt
Website or Forum thread: … ompany/326
Established: 17th April 1965
Company ID: #1965174

Name of Car Company: River Automotive
Owner of company: ArtyomRanger
Forum thread: Coming Soon
Established: 1965
Company ID: 1965845

Name of Company: Eden Citeria Valiente

Owner: Vri404

Thread: [will link soon]

Established: 1951

ID: 1951404

Name of Car Company: Overflod
Owner of company: FrenchRepublic
Website or Forum thread: All my designs (actually I have three brands and I don’t want to create 3 topics) so...Voila! (oh btw dont pay attention to the thread’s name)
Established: 1941 13 september
Company ID: #1941385

Name of Car Company: Intruder Automotive GmbH
Owner of company: Nikhar
Website or Forum thread: Intruder Automotive GmbH
Established: 1945 3rd January
Company ID: #1945131

Name of Car Company: Groves Automotive
Owner of company: SamGroves92
Website or Forum thread: Groves Automotive
Established: June 3rd 1942
Company ID: #1945672

Name of Car Company: Australia & New Zealand motors inc (ANZ)
Owner of company: darkshine5
Website or Forum thread:

Established: 5th April 1946
Company ID: #1945673

Darkshine’s Designs
EST: 21/12/2002
Company Id:20035485

Name of Car Company: Heibeck Automobile
Owner of Company: GagePlaysAutomation
Website or Forum Thread: (WIP)
Established: November 12, 2015 < BTTF Reference (of course)
Company ID: 6121738

Name of Car Company: Frankenstein Automobile
Owner of Company: FrankNSTein
Website or Forum Thread: none, yet
Established: 1945
Company ID: 1945420

Name of Car Company: Bell Automotive
Owner of Company: CadillacDave
Thread Link:
Established: 1940
Company ID: No Clue

Name of Car Company : Garuda Cars
Owner of company : Helballas
Forum thread : waiting
Estabilished : 2015
Company ID:2015488