Car Company Directory

Name of Car Company: Apollo Motors
Owner of Company: @ApolloMotors
Thread: Apollo Motors
Established: June 1949
Company ID: #1949222

Company Name: Sinsheimer Motoren Aktiengesellschaft
Owner: @kmBlaine
Forum Thread: Sinsheimer AG - est 1904
Established: 1904
Company ID: 1904271

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Wow I don’t know what has taken me so long to do this but…

Company Name: Fenton Holdings Limited
Owner: @kmBlaine
Forum Thread: FHL - Fenton Holdings Limited
Established: 1922
Company ID: 1922439


Company Name: Erzengel Motoren AG
Owner: @Markush
Established: 1949
Company ID: 1949898

Company Name: Merano Automobiles S.p.A.
Owner: @porsche9999
Forum Thread: Merano Automobiles S.p.A.
Established: 1919
Company ID: 1919190

Company Name: Civetta Tuning
Owner: @EngineEmu
Forum Thread:Civetta Tuning
Established: 12/Feb/1928
Company ID: #1928000

Company Name : Brooklands Motorsport PLC.
Owner : @th3maldonado
Forum Thread : Brooklands Motorsport PLC
Company ID:1949464

Company name: Prime
Owner: Sillyworld
Established: 1990
Forum thread: TBA

Manufacturer Name – CIEREN Motorsport Kft.
Founder – @daibralke
Established – February 17th, 2019
Automation Forum Thread – CIEREN Motorsport Kft. | Strive, thrive and drive
Company ID No. – #2019038

Car Company: Aniki Motor Company
Owner: SilverRemix
Established : July 28th 1937
Company ID No. : 1937226
Website : TBA

Car Company: Vexata MotorWorks
Owner: Tea_Pawt
Established: August 16th, 1957
Company ID No. 1957337

Car Company: Citron Autos.
Owner: @IphoneWagen
Established: March 22 1946
Forum Thread: to be announced
Company ID: 1946 223

Car company : Motorsimulators Uk
owner : bangermsuk
Estabished : March 1965
Forum thread :

Name of Car Company: H4 Automotive
Owner of company: hintboyright
Established: 1963
Website or Forum thread: TBA
Company ID: 1963913

Name of Car Company: Natori Motors
Owner of company: CraigTheCarMaker
Established: 1988
Company ID: 1988995

Name of Car Company: Ars AG
Owner of company: Xepy
Website or Forum thread: TBA
Established: 1970
Company ID: #1970707

Name of Car Company: Blue Arrow Motorsport
Owner of Company: @Kittenpunch
Website/Forum Thread: TBA
Established: October 21, 2000
Company ID: 20001021

Name of Car Company: Zavoevanie Automobiles
Owner of Company: Dansoncars
Website/Forum Thread: In progress
Established: April 3rd 1965
Company ID: 1965621

Name of Car Company: Albatross Motors
Owner of company: zschmeez
Website or Forum thread: Albatross Motors
Established: 1945
Company ID: 1945584

Name of Car Company: React Motors
Owner of company: SheepInACart
Website or Forum thread: TBA
Established: 1955
Company ID: 1955333