Car Company Directory

Name of Car Company: Blue Arrow Motorsport
Owner of Company: @Kittenpunch
Website/Forum Thread: TBA
Established: October 21, 2000
Company ID: 20001021

Name of Car Company: Zavoevanie Automobiles
Owner of Company: Dansoncars
Website/Forum Thread: In progress
Established: April 3rd 1965
Company ID: 1965621

Name of Car Company: Albatross Motors
Owner of company: zschmeez
Website or Forum thread: Albatross Motors
Established: 1945
Company ID: 1945584

Name of Car Company: React Motors
Owner of company: SheepInACart
Website or Forum thread: TBA
Established: 1955
Company ID: 1955333

Name of Car Company: Tannberg Automobile (TBA)
Owner of company: Murokmakto
Forum Thread: LINK
Established: 1946
Company ID #1946911

Name of Car Company: Epoch Industries
Owner of company: Machalel
Website or Forum thread: Company Thread Here
Established: 1867
Company ID: #1867001

Car company: Machinima / Machinima Motorworks
Owner / CEO of Company: Turbofreak88884444
Website Or forum Thread: (Under Construction)
Established 2012
Company ID: #2012481

Name of Car Company: Pinnacle Automobiles
Owner of company: @that_dude_371
Forum Thread: (none yet)
Established: June 11, 1982
Company ID: #1982165

Name of Car Company: DongHae Auto
Owner of company: DongHae
Website or Forum thread: Coming Soon!
Established: August 22, 1983
Company ID: 1983001

Name of Car Company: HMC (Huckins Motors Company Automobile Holding)
Owner of Company: AlphaWolf777
Website or Forum Thread: HMC (Huckins Motors Company) /// The Folks' Wagon
Established: 1607 (Originally as a wagon builder in Maine, Virginia Colony, North America)
Company ID: 1607777

Name of Car Company: Wolf GmbH
Owner of Company: AlphaWolf777
Website or Forum Thread: Wolf GmbH
Established: 777 AD (Started by a man in Scandinavia named Wolf who built boats and ships for the Vikings)
Company ID: 777777

Name of Car Company: Le Belge NV
Owner of company: Brisket
Established: 01/01/1955
Company ID: 1955154

Name of Car Company: Chimera
Owner of Company: @GabeTheBabe
Website or Forum Thread:
Company ID: 1955108

Name of Car Company: The Folks’ Wagon (Folkswagon)
Owner of Company: AlphaWolf777
Website or Forum Thread: The Folks’ Wagon
Established: 777 AD (As a wagon and boat builder in Viking Age Scandinavia; later in England. Later in 1607 as a wagon builder in Maine in the British American colonies). Car company founded 1885 in Germany and USA).
Company ID: 777777

Name of Car Company: Temple Motors/Inc.
Owner of Company: Asami
Website or Forum Thread:Temple Incorporated
Established:1954 UK
Company ID: 1954722

Name of Car Company: Automobili Di Traglia
Owner of Company: Asami
Website or Forum Thread: N/A
Established: 1951 Italy
Company ID: 1951722

Name of Car Company: Predator
Owner of company: Julix
Website or Forum thread: Not in development
Established: 17th of July 1947
Company ID: 1947177

Name of Car Company: Meijer Designs
Owner of company: TheAlmightyTwingo
Website or Forum thread: Meijer Designs (Rallycars + 1970/76 Tokyo)
Established: 16th of October 1915
Company ID: 1915865

Name of Car Company: Rutherford Motors
Owner of company: Blothorn
Website or Forum thread: None yet
Established: April 1940
Company ID: 1940990

Name of Car Company: Humanoidsautomobile
Owner of company: Echowaffle8
Forum thread: Humanoidsautomobile
Established: February 1956
Company ID: 1956168