Car Company Directory

Name of Car Company: Hakaru
Owner of Company: @Executive
Website of Forum Thread: TBC
Country: :jp:Japan
Thread Created: 2020
Established: 1974
Company ID: 1974626

Name of Car Company: Jujisa Koreamotors
Owner of Company: @Executive
Website of Forum Thread: 주지사 State Motor Company
Country: :north_korea: North Korea
Thread Created: 2020
Established: 1989
Company ID: 1989626

Name of Car Company: Sterling MG
Subsidiaries: Venus MC, Griffin AG, Automobili Galileo, Atlas AG, Rapide Performance
Established: November 8, 1935
Owner: Ronald Sterling/ @jjaaccoobb11
Company ID 1935181
Website or Forum Thread: TBD
Country : US
Thread Created: 2020

Name of Car Company: Voltari Automotive
Owner of Company: @vero94773
Website of Forum Thread: TBC
Country: :sweden: Sweden
Thread Created: 2020
Established: October 19th, 1950
Company ID: 1950910

Name of Car Company: Akari Industries
Owner of Company: @vero94773
Website of Forum Thread: TBC
Country: :jp: Japan
Thread Created: 2020
Established: March 13th, 1961
Company ID: 1961313

Name: Sebring Motor Company
Owner of company: @Mad_Cat
Forum thread: Not yet
Country: United States
Established: 1911
Comapny ID: #1911098

Name: Downton Motor Works
Associated brands: Melchett Automotive (buy-out deal in 1971), Bexley Autos (modern-day parts supplier)
Owner of company: @agj38
Forum thread: Downton Motor Works thread
Country: :uk:United Kingdom
Established: 1903
Company ID: #1903985

Name: Halberd Motors
Owner of company: @Onceuponaban
Forum thread: Halberd Motors
Country of origin: :uk: United Kingdom (on a technicality)
Established: 1946
Company ID: #1946847

Name: Estrada Motors
Owner of company: @Mad_Cat
Forum thread: Not yet
Country: Guatemala
Established: 1950
Company ID: #1950619

Name: Duke Automotive
Associated brands: Phantom Sports Cars, Wildlander Motors For Australasia, DMX, Maran Motor Inc.
Owner of company: @agj38
Forum thread: Duke Automotive
Country: :canada: Canada (sort of)
Established: 1919
Company ID: #1919213

Name: Alba Engineering LTD + Alba Performance Division
Owner: @TheLapTopX20
Forums Thread: To be added
Country of origin: UK
Established: 1959
Company ID: #1959126

Name: SC-Group
Associated brands: Solution Cars, Rayback Automotive
Owner of company: @Icebear787
Website or Forum thread:
Country of origin: :netherlands: The Netherlands
Company ID: #1956787

Name: HMC
Associated brands: Duke Automotive, Voitures de Sabre, Guoqi Cars (through collaborations)
Owner of company: @agj38
Forum thread: Henrican Motor Corporation
Country of origin: France
Company ID: #1894962

Name of Car Company: Avant Motor Company, Ltd
Owner of company: Mathew
Website or Forum thread: Avant Motor Co. Ltd
Country of origin: Japan
Established: January 21, 1990
Company ID: #1990 921

Name of Car Company: Nakamoto Motorcars LTD
Owner of company:Jantheman9999
Website or Forum thread: n/a (yet)
Country Of Origin: Japan
Established: 1923
Company ID:1923107

Name: TDF
Owner: @Restomod
Website/Thread: n/a
Country of origin: American-French-British
Associated brands: LaStar, Zika, V.F.D., M.A.D.
Company ID: #1902146

Name: Kubajzn Motor Company
Owner: ElectricBean
Website/Thread: (website) Kubajzn Motor Company Ltd. (thread)
Country of Origin: US
Associated Brands: Exiron, Verion, Cougar
Established in 1879
Company ID: #1876933

Name: Argento Automobilli Inc.
Owner: Garrett08
Website/Thread: N/A
Country of origin: Italy
Established: 1946
Company ID: 1946978

Name of Car Company: SEAB
Owner of company: Marcus_gt500
Website or Forum thread: SEAB - Sociedade de Engenharia Automobilística Brasileira
Established: April 24th, 1954
Company ID: #1954499

Name: Centurion/Meccanico di Pavona
Owner: agj38
Thread: Centurion Meccanico di Pavona
Country: Italy
Established: 1902
Company ID: 1902194

Name: Crest // HSM
Owner: matisse.msknt
Thread: Crest Automobiles // HSM "Automotive Exception"
Country: England
Established: 1934
Company ID: 1934251

Name of Car Company: Phompsonby Motor Vehicles LTD & Phompsonby Racing Group LTD
Owner of company: @Legodude494
Website or Forum thread: Phompsonby Motor Vehicles
Established: June 26th 1890 (first publicly available automobile announced 1901/released 1905 in the UK)
Company ID: 1890266