Car Company Directory

Name: Argento Automobilli Inc.
Owner: Garrett08
Website/Thread: N/A
Country of origin: Italy
Established: 1946
Company ID: 1946978

Name of Car Company: SEAB
Owner of company: Marcus_gt500
Website or Forum thread: SEAB - Sociedade de Engenharia Automobilística Brasileira
Established: April 24th, 1954
Company ID: #1954499

Name: Centurion/Meccanico di Pavona
Owner: agj38
Thread: Centurion Meccanico di Pavona
Country: Italy
Established: 1902
Company ID: 1902194

Name: Crest // HSM
Owner: matisse.msknt
Thread: Crest Automobiles // HSM "Automotive Exception"
Country: England
Established: 1934
Company ID: 1934251

Name of Car Company: Phompsonby Motor Vehicles LTD & Phompsonby Racing Group LTD
Owner of company: @Legodude494
Website or Forum thread: Phompsonby Motor Vehicles
Established: June 26th 1890 (first publicly available automobile announced 1901/released 1905 in the UK)
Company ID: 1890266

Name: Hinode Motors KK
Owner: @S_U_C_C_U_L_E_N_T
Thread: Hinode Motor Corporation (ヒノデ自動車株式会社)
Country: Japan
Established: 1926
Company ID: 1926690

Name: fraser cars
Owner: @pentiumbased
Thread: not yet
Country: canada
Established: 1946
Company ID: 1946420

Name of Car Company: Hakaru Automobiles
Owner of company: Executive
Website or Forum thread: Hakaru Automobiles Vehicle Display Gallery
Established: 1st July 2020
Company ID: 2020352

Name of Car Company: Hakumai Automobiles
Owner of company: @interior
Website or Forum thread: Hakumai Autos Incorporated
Established: 1972
Company ID: 1972681

Name of Car Company: Forea Motors
Owner of company: @vouge
Website or Forum thread: Available soon
Country: Japan
Established: 1938
Company ID: 1938975

Name: Astra Motors
Owner: @Emilius73
Forum thread: Coming soon
Country: USA
Established: 1994
ID: 1994658

Name: Otnas Automotive
Owner: @ATOM500
Forum: Otnas Automotive Forum Thread
Country: Indonesia
Established: 1935
Company ID: 1935889

Name: Haniyasushin Company
Owner: @TheAlmightyTwingo
Forum thread: Coming soon TM
Country: Hetvesia/Japan
Established: 1945
ID: 1945121

Name: Pusilanime
Owner: @Maxbombe
Forum thread: Your local Pusilanime dealership
Country: USA
Established: 1918
ID: 1918000

Name: Avador Auto
Owner: @ElectricBean
Forum Thread: Avador Automotive Inc.
Country: USA
Established in: 1952
Company ID: 1952484

Name of company: Magari Autoworks
Owner: E90Bimmer (Giovanni Magari)
Forum Thread: Coming soon
Country: USA
Established: 1970
Company ID: #1970902

Name of Company(ies): Conti (umbrella thing), Vauer, Vive, Falchio and Kouda
Owner of company(ies): MrBlimbo
website or forum: coming soon
Est. 25 march 2005
Company ID. 2005621

Name of company: Ryven Auto GmbH
Owner: BigBoiShibe
Forum Thread: Ryven Auto GmbH
Country: Germany
Established: 1961
Company ID: #1961509

Name of Car Company: Lusitano Motors
Owner of company: Guerra
Forum thread: Coming Soon
Country: Portugal
Established: 1962 25th April
Company ID: #1962265

Name of Car Company: Hinata Motor Company
Owner of Company: @BannedByAndroid
Website of Forum Thread: WIP
Country: :jp: Japan
Thread Created: 2021
Established: 1933
Company ID: 1933445

Name of Car Company: Nexus Motors
Owner of Company: @BannedByAndroid
Website of Forum Thread: WIP
Country: International/:antarctica: Antarctica
Thread Created: 2021
Established: 1972
Company ID: 1972666