Car Company Directory

Name of company: Italiano Design Automobili
Owner: @Boxsterholics
Forum Thread: TBD
Country: Italy
Established: December 12, 1974
Company ID: 1974596

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Name of company: ITA / MTA- Industrias Torriccelli Argentina / Motores Torriccelli Argentina
Owner: @Prium
Forum Thread: MTA | Motores Torricelli Argentina
Country: Argentina
Established: April 15, 1951
Company ID: 1951154

Name of company: VTR Motors
Owner: @Thevicaug
Forum Thread: VTR - Performance. Enthusiasm. Lifestyle
Country: Brazil
Estabilished: November 21, 2020
Company ID: 2020164

Name of company: RAUK Motor och sport AB
Owner: @Knugcab
Forum thread: RAUK motor och sport AB
Country: Sweden
Etablished: 1956
Company ID: 1956720

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Name of Car Company: Crapper Motors
Owner of company: @FoxGAMING
Established: 1926
Company ID: 1926649

Name of Car Company: Merkler
Owner of company: @FoxGAMING
Established: 1935
Company ID: 6924177

Eisenberg’sche Fuhrwerksindustrie
Owner: @Lazar
Country: Germany
Forum Thread: Eisenberg’sche Fuhrwerksindustrie
Established: 1992
Company ID: 1992298

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Name of Car Company: Costruzione Tiffosì / Tiffosì
Owner of company: @fasmukji
Forum Thread: WIP
Established: 1951
Company ID: #1951277

Name of Car Company: CodeX Global Consortium
Owner of company: @RawenWarCrow
Website or Forum thread: N/A
Established: 1881
Company ID: #1881577

Name of Car Company: Lombaxo Automobiles INC.
Owner of Company: @TheYugo45GV
Forum Thread: WIP
Established: 1962
Company ID: #1962666

Name of Car Company: Watkins and Company
Owner of company: @legodude494
Website or Forum thread: TBD
Established: 1st March 1920
Company ID: 1920266

Name of car company: Kalisz Auto
Owner of company: @Mad_Cat
Established: 1945
Country: Poland
Company ID: 1945570

Name of car company: Salon Auto (Brand: Salon)
Owner of company: @Mad_Cat
Established: 1948
Country: Finland
Company ID: 1948966

Name of car company: Lanark Sportscars
Owner of company: @th3maldonado
Established: 1959
Country: Scotland
Company ID: 1959191

Name of car company: MAPCO
Owner of company: @th3maldonado
Established: 1946
Country: U.S.A.
Company ID: 1946532

Name of car company: Walther Automobile Engineering
Owner of company: @th3maldonado
Established: 1931
Country: U.S.A.
Company ID: 1931636

Name of car company: Fujiyoshida Autocomp
Owner of company: @th3maldonado
Established: 1924
Country: Japan
Company ID: 1924919

Name of car company: Issakskiy Avtostroitel’nyy Zavod (Issak/IAZ)
Owner of company: @th3maldonado
Established: 1969
Country: U.S.S.R. (Now Russia)
Company ID: 1969341

Name of car company: Autofirma Schraden GmbH
Owner of company: @th3maldonado
Established: 1961
Country: West Germany (Germany)
Company ID: 1961414

Name of car company: Pravi Automobil
Owner of company: @th3maldonado
Established: 1982
Country: Yugoslavia (Now Croatia)
Company ID: 1982265

Name of car company: Mike Pollit Racing Cas
Owner of company: @th3maldonado
Established: 1973
Country: Canada
Company ID: 1973411