Car Company Directory

Name of Car Company: Pegasus Motors
Owner of company: Anthrax50551
Website or Forum thread: Pegasus Motors
Established: 28th July, 2005
Company ID: 1969918

Name of Car Company: Annex Motors
Owner of company: iihs
Website or Forum thread: viewtopic.php?f=35&t=4205
Established: 1967 august 8th
Company ID: 1967587
region cars sold to: sweden,norway,finland,rest of europe,and russia,britan,and australia

Name of Car Company: Sat Automobile Oy Ab
Owner of company: TadZah
Website or Forum thread: viewtopic.php?f=35&t=4207
Established: 1959
Company ID: 1959313

Name of Car Company: Normandy Automotive
Owner of Company: VosNox
Website or Forum Thread: N/A
Eastablished: 1955
Company ID: 1955256

Name of Car Company: GrandSport LLC
Owner of company: RAHayesJ
Website or Forum thread: GrandSport LLC
Established: June 07th, 2013
Company ID: 1991827

Name of Car Company: Conquest Motors LLC
Owner of company: JDM199si
Website or Forum thread: [
Company ID: 2014 1ST June2014427]( <-- Optional!)

Name of Car Company: Traxx
Owner of Company: Hallowenman
Website or Forum thread: Link here
Established: 1958, June 12th
Company ID: 1958171

Name of Car Company: Traxx Racing
Owner of Company: Hallowenman
Website or Forum thread: Link here
Established: 1914, January 3rd
Company ID: 1914172

Name of Car Company: AMW - Austrian Motor Wonderland
Owner of Company: TheTom
Website or Forum thread:
Established: 2014 28th May
Company ID: 2014992

Name of Car Company: Fussel Engineering
Owner of company: KillaGT
Website or Forum thread: comming soon
Established: 1970
Company ID: 1970385

Name of Car Company: Bulgar Motors
Owner of Company: DanKolov
Website or Forum thread: (N/A)
Established: 1913 13th January
Company ID: 1913131

Name of Car Company: Lincé
Owner of company: acrspeed
Website or Forum thread: will be added soon
Established: 2005
Company ID: 2005422

Name of Car Company: Camoria Automotive
Current President of Company: Jacob deBlecourt (jhd1124)
Established: 1954
Company ID: 1903528

Name of Car Company: Sox Motors Ltd.
Current President of Company: Soxtreme
Forum: viewtopic.php?f=35&t=4342
Established: 1946
Company ID: 1946058

Name of Car Company: Dorilla Motors [Abbreviated to DM]
Current President of Company: GeEkOfWiReS1097
Website: On this Webste
Established: 2014
Company ID: 2014327

Name of Car Company: Horizon Motors, LLC
Owner of company: shaunisradd
Website or Forum thread:
Established: 22nd May, 1991 <-- Dates to be in the day/month (in words) format please e.g. 1st August
Company ID: 1991991

Name of Car Company: ADN (Autos Der Nagy)
Owner of company: RoReAn
Website or Forum thread:
Established: 2014.01.25
Company ID: 2014271

It was really established in 1984, but it was just a 2 month business. It went bankrupt. And it started again at 2014.

Name of Car Company: Baltazar Automóveis
Owner of company: Leonardo Baltazar
Website or Forum thread: viewtopic.php?f=35&t=4417
Established: 17th July 2014 (In-game it will be in 1947 or something like that)
Company ID: #2014113

Name of Car Company: Vermountina
Owner of company: Rinimus
Website or Forum thread: viewtopic.php?f=35&t=4463
Established: 25th of July 2014 (in-game year 1947)
Company ID: 2014102

Name of Car Company: Charma Automobiles
Owner of company: Supraman
Website or Forum thread: not yet available
Established: 28th of July 2014 (in-game year 1940)
Company ID: 2014463