Car Design Layers

I have looked around and haven’t seen any talk about this so I thought I would mention it to see if there’s any work being done. I’m sure everyone has noticed that when mounting objects on top of each other in the game can cause some issues when adjusting. It seems that there are no layers set for which object is over the other, when it comes to selecting, and that which ever is larger or was placed first is the one that you select. It can be a real pain when stacking grills on top of each other for a different design or if you accidentally drop it in the wrong area.

Any plans to make the objects stack so you can select the one on top when you click in it’s field?

That’s an area we plan to improve when we move game engines I believe. I agree it has some issues right now.

Great to hear. I’m surprised this late down the road that you guys are doing an engine change, hope all goes well with that.