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Car Design Sub-Forum rules - READ BEFORE POSTING

  1. Try to keep all your designs in one thread. One-off “Hey, post your sedan designs here!” thread are fine, but please don’t make a new thread for each car model you make.
    -Try creating a Car Company or [your name] designs thread for all of your designs

  2. Constructive criticism is alright, but be respectful, don’t go “gahh i hate ur desingns they so ugl”. We’re trying to promote a friendly and awesome community here.

  3. Have fun creating awesome and creative designs!

Thanks for reading the rules! Have anything you want amended or added? Tell us!



I want this to be friendly. :slight_smile:
your post makes complete sense but surely its up to the devs to make rules around here,
you have 16 posts to your name.
I do agree with you though that good order must be kept but don’t go dishing rules out man its not your call.

best regards

He’s actually a forum moderator, it’s just for some reason not clear that he is, I think the user colour changes might have broken for moderators…

Edit: Yay, fixed the colours, Global Moderators are Blue!

ah ok daffy. :slight_smile:
that’s fine and I didn’t want it to come across as a negative reaction because I agree with what he said. I just thought he was making rules up willy nilly.
which won’t go down well with everybody even if it makes sense. :slight_smile:

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Hah, no worries dude, I’d have been confused too, considering there was nothing to denote he was anything other than a user :slight_smile:

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Well, I was messaging whoever was talking to me though Facebook, (Caswal/Daffy?) And we were discussing changing the Username colors to a less intensive hue, but yeah, the Mod colors were a bit too similar to the normal user colors I think.

Sorry for the mix up!

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Yepp, that was me changing the user colors, and global mods were actually more white than the now gray standard users. That difference was obviously too subtle to notice :slight_smile: Works the way it is now. I changed it because the global mod green was like needles in the eyes on a black/red board :stuck_out_tongue:

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Huh, didn’t know I was talking to the master…I think you guys should start signing your names at the end of your messages XD.

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no worries guys, glad it’s all sorted. :slight_smile:
@ UltimateBMWfan sorry dude with the color mix up I didn’t realise you are a forum moderator.

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Don’t worry mate, I would have done the same thing. We take a bit to get to know every new change going throughout the forum :wink:

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What if my car company’s name is a pretty common word or it was already used tons of times IRL?

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Try to make it a little different, as in not ripping off names completely. i.e. Ford, BMW, Lamborghini.

Things like Phord, BMC, Sheeporghini (geddit? lamb, sheep? ;D) Are fine though.

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You could also go for Parkerghini.

Every time I get on this forum, I grow to love this community more and more (granted I’m knew and don’t know most of you). The Devs are VERY nice compared to a lot of other games, the people (we should get more, yes?) are awesome and respectful, and the game is all-around brilliant! (not my usual choice of words, but hey, it deserves a good complement). These rules make perfect sense to me and I’ll follow them no problem. Happy posting! :slight_smile:

I agree, Sam. Sure, Automation is a small community and hasn’t been widely discovered yet, but I think the Dev’s are much closer and much more open to the general user than other forums. Due to that, I think the community here doesn’t have many rude people. If people are friendly and outreaching, you can’t ignore them.

i thought daimond. then remove a letter daimon


Shame the same can’t be said about the RoR Forums!

How do i upload photos in BULK to the automation car sharing forum ???

Use a photo sharing site like photo bucket, it helps reduce the load on the servers and also allows you to easily upload images without the scrolling bars and such.