Car Driving

If the cars are able to be exported, I would gladly race.

Slightly off topic. I was in love with a game that didn’t see the light… Drivers Republic. You could design the car and race with it. It was developed by the same of Richard Burns Rally. What a pity that was never born…

A few month later…
Are the car-export near? I want buy Automation directly, when i can export that cars. Assetto is realy not very complex, i think its possible, to make this.

Nope, it’s not something we’ve worked on yet, we’ve still got the core game to finish before we start looking into things like that.

Okay, here we are 1 year and 5 month later…
Are now any work in the direction to export car’s in any game?
Assetto Corsa is open for that and you can test the car’s on laserscanned Nordschleife.

Yes! We’re currently working on a car exporter, no guarantee that it will work though. If it does, we’ll be releasing more info in the mid-term future.

W-w-w-what??? For real?

Dude, if money will make things go more smoothly on that count, just take mine already!!!

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At this stage it is R&D only, but yes, that is something we want to do if possible, we got enough money to finance that so no worries :wink: we might need your help testing it eventually though, Mr. Beta Tester :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thank you very much! It will be a great symbiosis for both games, becaus i have fun to build the car and i can test it with a real good simulator.
For the Tires, Kunos released the tire-files in the simulation-folder and anybody can use it for mods. I think it makes it more easily to export the cars, because tires are not easy to build.

Awwwwwww yeah just tell me when! (No rush).

I kind of buggered my Assetto Corsa build by playing with the car files too much. I’m going to need to clean install.

Hmm, I am pleasantly surprised. I had assumed the technical challenge of doing so would have made it a complete impossibility.

4 Month later :wink:
Any new’s.
I am owner off Automation, but i can’t use my build cars. So i hope for the exporter.

Still something that’s being worked on :slight_smile:


Now I feel beamNG could be a nice platform to explore with.
Aaprt form it’s nice carsh system (I don’t think it’s needed for Automation explored car if it’s hard to be done). It’s driving is already good enough and the trim\part system could works good with automation.

My impression would be that the system of applying all the nodes, material assignment and beam tensions that comprise the physics modelling of Beam would make it exceedingly difficult to extrapolate directly from Automation data. Beam simply doesn’t work without that, so a whole new set of data would have to be created for that.

The tyre model might be okay for it though, if I understand correctly, sidewall deformation, shear forces etc. are all calculated here.

Nope, trust me, BeamNG is a bad time for this kind of thing. Basically the hardest possible thing to export to as best as I can tell.

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So I know better than to beg to be a Beta Tester and then become a “ghost tester” when the chips are down because I don’t have the time to just crank out cars. However, if there’s the possibility to be a tester for driving I will gladly sign up and make time. I’ve always been more of a driver rather than an engineer.

So I will be patient because I know the game itself is more important, but…


Same here, that was a surprise to me that an exporter is even possible, but I’m super stoked for the possibility of it!

Also stoked for the surprise lite campaign timetable in the last video.

I don’t forget Automationgame :wink:
Now we have 7 Month later.
How i can export my car to Assetto Corsa? :wink: