Changed export folder

After I had to moved my beamNG mods folder it’s seemingly impossible to export a car and test it without restarting beamNG. If I just copy it over and overwrite my old it says ‘Error in vehicle/object. Please verify installation and installed mods’. So what Im’ asking for is either a better work-around or a proper way to change the export folder for your cars in automation.

PS: Great game which has been carrying me through these times.


  1. Create another folder with the export name in the location.
  2. Export car.
  3. Move file to new location.

while beamNG is running i cant change any of the files otherwise it will give me the same error. If I for example modify an existing car in automation and then export it, move it to the new folder, error.

Keep Beam open, go to mods repository from menu, unsubscribe, switch to automation, export, play in beam.

Tried that now, but it just shows missing textures instead of the chnaged textures

If you go and edit the startup.ini in the BeamNG Steam folder you can set the export path that Automation looks up!