Chrome disappearing

Hi all,

As an enthusiastic user I like to report the following.
When I build a platform and start off with the gold/chrome color I get a nice chrome surround around all the fixtures.
At least after I change the color to black or so.
When I have built a model with this platform, the chrome seems to vanish.
I’m using a laptop with an i3 core and a Geforce GT520M card running Windows 7.
The quality slider is all the way to the right and FXAA is switched on.
Is it a glitch or something?

This only occur when the quality is set on maximum?
Is there any specific bodyshell ?

I was trying to reproduce this problem and this happened to me.
After selecting the gold chrome and put that bonnet, every color I change the bonnet get like this. (every color changed, the bonnet assume a similar chrome tone to the bodyshell color selected)

Yep, that’s it. Once you’ve made a model by adding an engine, the chrome disappears.
Editting the platform in chrome (or gold) color will bring it back.
I’ve tested it with all bodies.

I made a test and occurred exactly what you said :confused: