CMC Motor Corp

CMC Motor Corp is a new manufacturer with plans to offer vehicles to the public in the mid to high end markets, with a special focus on engine performance, chassis dynamics, and solid engineering. CMC also intends to offer specialty vehicles developed specifically for motorsport use in both production and prototype forms.

Today, we’re proud to unveil several of our pre-production concept vehicles. Engine and drivetrain choices have not yet been finalized, but we have options under development ranging from naturally-aspirated small-displacement to medium and large-capacity force-inducted engines with very high specific outputs.

I love the back of the C1.

Thanks Ryan! The C1 was the very first car I played with in the new editor - in the editor, I realized that the rear end is pretty much an unconscious copy of a second-gen Integra :slight_smile:

haha, yea. Kinda limited with the back end right now. Wish we could make it a little “curvier” but imagination works fine I guess, lol.