Colors and materials

I had a few questions about colors and materials in this game:

  1. Will support for arbitrary materials and colors on fixtures eventually be added? It is rather difficult or even impossible to do, say, the classic '80s side trim for sporty cars with the red stripe down the middle (e.g. Peugeot 205 GTI), unless the car itself is red. Why not allow any color or material to be put on almost anything, just like how in The Sims 3 you could have woodgrain leather upholstery for the sofa if you really wanted?

  2. Is/was/will there be there a way to change the colors of the cylinder heads? Some screenshots I’ve seen show engines with yellow head covers, but I have never seen any option other than red in my game.

  3. Will there be proper selective yellow lenses for headlights and fog lights? There are a couple of lenses that look sort of like selective yellow, but none of them have a fresnel pattern, they all look a bit off, and the exporter treats lights with such lenses as turn signals.


in kee engine, you could change the cylinder heads. AFAIK, all cylinder heads were yellow and it was updated so they were all red in UE4

You used to be able to change colours and style of the head cover. if it is due a return it will be after the campaign is finished.


That is not accurate, we never said when that would be done, and most likely it will be a lot sooner than the grand campaign being all done.

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Fair. I was thinking considering focus was on the campaign materials.

What about arbitrary choices of colors and materials, like the aforementioned red go-faster stripes that appeared on almost anything sporty in the '80s, or colored body cladding like an old Subaru Outback?