Constructions by Bobic_YOYO

My main idea was to build the most racing city car that would not look ridiculous and unfit in the city. It is enough just to remember the low suspension of hypercars.
After exporting several assemblies, I finally got my next perfect car.
This concept was conceived solely with the goal of creating a high-quality car as independent as possible from any practical nuances.
The only adaptation in it for the city is the high suspension.
With its racing inclination, the model respected a compromise, which consists in the fact that the driver of the car must feel the speed with which he is moving, and on this car every ten km / h is clearly felt.
And also this model is as accessible as possible to everyone - which I also wanted to achieve by creating this car - $ 125,000.
Power - 1536 hp
Weight - 2724 kg.

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Car looks good. Let me tell you something about street sports cars. You gotta make sure you have at least boot space to fit some shopping bags. The break point for using a sports car daily is not being able to carry everyday things on it.

That would put it into the hypercar class - but it doesn’t quite look like one, despite the body choice being well-suited for that category.