Crashing when beginning the tutorial


I have just download and installed the demo.

When I try to begin the Kazakh Taxi Scenario I get this screen:

If I press ‘cancelar’ (cancel), the game ends. If i press ‘reintentar’ (try again), a new screen tells me the requirements to pass the scenario, but I must press again ‘play scenario’, and then, again, the alert published above is shown. This second time, the ‘reintentar’ button takes me out of the game and it crashes.

However, I can play the free mode.

Any idea about what is happening?

Aye, it is a known bug. :frowning:

Thx. I looked for that issue in the forum but I didn’t find anything. Is there any fix?

No, you cannot do anything about it. The devs are currently looking into the problem and will hopefully be able to fix it in the next few days.