CSR 103 - Oh the Places You'll Go

What’s the situation on tyres?

any min/maxing regulations?

You can use any you want, but don’t expect to get too far with some specific compounds. The vehicle will be journeying on both tarmac and dirt so choose wisely.

Don’t do it. If gut feeling tells you that it’s a questionable engineering choice for the era, it probably is and would result in you getting binned.

Do what you can’t…

…and what you can.

See what you can’t…

…and what you can.

The Bauer CX25 Adventure Edition…

With a 2.5L Inline 5 making 293 horsepower, part-time all-wheel drive, and off-road tuned adaptive dampers, you can make every day and everyday an Adventure.


2018 Denver Jalapeno LX

Denver Jalapeno LX features a 2.8L turbocharged 4-cyl, producing up to 220hp and over 320nm of torque and it can produce low emissions too!. Other than that, it features premium interior with premium infotainment and such. that's all since i dunno what to say anymore k thanks bye

Ad 1 of 3 - Next up, the same thing as this one but just some newer pictures.

From good old South Korea, the all-new 2018 Avatrek provides you and your family with only the finest comfort. The 3.1 liter Inline-6 under the hood not only sounds great, but is also sort of good. Sadly however, we have yet to figure out how many seats it has, so shipments to dealerships may be delayed.

I was told this looks funky



Your cars always look so brilliant. Makes me green with envy.

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2018 Garuda Kencana 205 All-Terrain.



2018 Tanaka Calgary, the Mid-Size SUV!

The world is waiting for you…

My message for the picture above...

Car suddenly turned black when I click the photo icon, don’t blame me… Why is the game so problematic to me?

Moar pictures...


Does that mean that the model and engine family years both have to be 2017 or earlier?

Model Trim and Engine Variant Year MUST be set to 2018

That is whats written in the rules. So NO 2017!!!

To correct you so Yang doesn’t have to:

Family year: go nuts. Anything before or equal to 2018.
Variant year: must be 2018.

Family year: go nuts. Anything before or equal to 2018.
Variant year: must be 2018.


I think it’d be safe to say, a refreshed, 20 year old engine might get something said about it

Honda uses a refreshed 23 year old V6 in everything, go for it

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CMT Montblanc CE

The CMT Montblanc is the premium SUV of the company, more capable of going offroad than the show-off Columbus luxury SUV. The CE trim adds a new thrifty engine for 2018 and a friendlier price tag - because the Montblanc shouldn’t be a privillege for the upper class. It’s too good to be left for few. No fancy alloy wheels. No over-complex supermegahyper-Infotainment. No annoying safety assistants. But full CMT quality. Go for the new CE entry-level model that doesn’t feel like economy unless refueling.

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Earlier or equal to 2018. Sorry, I wrote that line in a hurry right before I drove to work. :sweat_smile:

2018 Yinzer Vagabond

The best part of being a multi market company is being able to develop technologies from maritime and aerospace, perfect them, then mass produce at a value to the customer that allows our current generation of automobile being everyone’s next generation. What you see here with the Yinzer Vagabond is the marrying of these aerospace and maritime technologies to classic proven designs of the last generations. The steering, suspension, braking, ESC, and differential locks are operated on the same hydraulic system powered by the 8 stage advanced transmission, which introduces a 4WD that can easily tractor up a muddy slope, but have the feel and drivability of a modern vehicle while on the highway with the additional safety of lane control and active towing control. The suspension elevates for additional ground clearance, and has a lot of individual settings for different enviroments and conditions. Two of interest are “level” where the Vagabond will level itself on an uneven surface, and “tire change” where an individual tire is lifted so it can be inspected and if necessary changed without the need for a tire jack.

The navigation system and lane control systems are intergrated and use a stripped down version of the Yinzer Flight Line fly by wire systems that both operate the company’s manned and drone aircraft.

The chassis is made of corrosion resistant steel, with aluminum panels, with extra reinforcements in the areas where stress is expexted from the rigors of offroading and towing. A full offroad skid tray that is by design able to take all of the vehicle weight also keeps the vehicle safe.

The Miser 6 that powers the Vagabond is the newest direct injection technology combined with our most reliable 70 year old marine design aluminum V6, which is world reknown. Parts are easily availiable world wide, but do not expect to need them any time soon. The vehicle has a 21 MPG overall rating, with a super low first gear that is mostly not useful until it is abslutely necessary. The transmission uses all 8 speeds in both forward and reverse, but reverse is locked to the first three by software.

Also included is the Yinzer Sat talk back, and the mulitwavelengh high gain transciever antenna that can send a terrestrial signal as far as line of sight, and much further when atmospheric bounce is incorporated as part of the Fuzzy 5G network. The moonrooves are also transparent solar panels, which can power the car’s internal systems and charging outlets.

This last picture is of our Pearl Blue color in theft deterrent “mall parking mode”. Other colors pictured are Grey, RedShift, and Northern Night.

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KGB on the march with their new Crossover Tourer for the grand touring connaisseur.

Presenting The KGB Adventurer

Currently in pre-production aiming at a 2018 release date. Specifications (subject to change) noted below:

  • 3.2 Litre Inline-6 - 230hp @ 7100rpm - 301nm @ 3900rpm
  • 26.2 MPG (US)
  • 7 speed intelligent automatic gearbox
  • Automatic Locking 4WD system
  • All aluminum body and chassis
  • Factory 16" Aluminum Alloy Wheels
  • Premium interior and infotainment system

MSRP: $40100


Make. Them. Notice.

With 7 seats, 5.5L V8 power, adjustable air suspension and disconnectable sway bars, the Shromet Levine is the ultimate adventure vehicle. Starting from $42,300