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CSR 143
Slippery and Cold
Hosted by @EnCR and @Maxbombe
December 7th,1998 somewhere in the rural town of Finland.

Kasperi, his wife Suski and their 2 year old son lives inside a single story house, the house also has an in door garage. Inside that garage is Kasperi’s 1974 Satsuma AMP, It was formerly owned by Kasperi’s dad till he gave It to his son (Kasperi) to assemble It back together; the car lived a long life and It seemed that final moment had came. When Kasperi was ready to go get groceries that day, he turned the key in ignition and the car seemed to be doing fine for now, but when on his way back he heard the knocking outside, It was so violent that It locked up the transmission which then made the car looses control, Kasperi foot down on the clutch and another foot on the brake, he stopped the car next to the road. The sun is about set down, If he doesn’t do something he would be frozen to death. So he went and stand in the middle of the road, waving both of his hand like a lunatic. many cars ignored him. many cars almost crash because of him. Then the bus approaches, Kasperi tried his best to block the path for the bus.The bus came to a stop. Bus driver angrily asked why is there a drunkard in the middle of the road waving their sausage arms. Kasperi told what happened and the driver willingly let him inside the bus, the bus was no where near the bus stop but this time bus driver stops because of Kasperi’s action. he left the car on the side of the road and brought his groceries with him inside the bus. Kasperi arrived at home around 9PM. he was late but at least he made It out alive. His wife and son had already went to bed. He put in his groceries then head to bed. It was clear to him that his car won’t make It this time so, next morning he went and look at his balance; He has around 100,000 Markka which would be enough to purchase a car. A cheap one. He decided that he would take this chance to go and look for his new car.

If you haven't read the backstory, Kasperi Iivonen, An unemployed dad in his early 20's is going to have to replace his old broken rustbucket very soon. He's looking for something that is practical but doesn't cost a lot of money to maintain and can survive the harsh winter of Finland.
Kasperi perfers a small 5-doors hatchback, doesn't have to be anything fancy but he also doesn't want something that is too basic either.
He just want something that can replace his old rusting broken car but doesn't explode his wallet.

The rules

  • Trim/variant year - 1998
  • Wheelbase - 2.5 meters maximum
  • Can seat at least 4 people
  • Need at least 4 doors
  • At bare minimum need Basic 90’s safety

  • No V16 engine; this is realism
  • 95 RON/90 AKI maximum; you’re allowed to use lower grade octane but won’t yield any actual benefits
  • Atleast one muffler required and three-way catalytic converter
  • No race internals

  • Maximum engine ET - 90
  • Maximum trim ET - 90
  • 17,500$ Hard limit


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  • Practicality
    Hatchback need to be practical at very least, Kasperi will need room to store in his purchases and much bigger items
  • Fuel Economy
    Fuel price in Finland has been increasing since the late 80’s and will continue to climb more, Kasperi would not want to be worry about refilling his new car at every gas station stops.
  • Drivability
    During the winter season, driving on the road becomes even more dangerous, Kasperi is a competent driver. but during winter sometime it’s unavoidable. also his wife would be driving from time to time.
  • Service Costs
    Kasperi won’t have much money left after he purchased his new car, so he wouldn’t want to get into that “situation”.
  • Price Tag
    Kasperi know he won’t get a new job anytime soon so he need at least a bit of money left to pay for bills and things for his wife; the cheaper the better for him.

:star: :star:

  • Reliability
    Kasperi has some experience with fixing car when he was a bit younger but he definitely won’t have all the available spare parts in his garage, so he’s expecting that he doesn’t need to repair it too often.
  • Comfort
    Kasperi has been in a shitbox before, so he knows what It feels like to be sitting inside one, but he also doesn’t want to damage his prostate when driving over bumps.
  • Design (including interior)
    While Kasperi isn’t looking for a resin-less bread he also wouldn’t want a burnt toast.


  • Prestige
    Kasperi knows what he’s getting when buying his new car but If It has no heater or at least a cushion on a seat he wouldn’t want to buy it either.
  • Off-road
    Kasperi expect his new car to be able to do some light snow driving since he lives in a rural area of Finland.
  • Safety
    If the car cannot survive a 5 mph crash then, It’s off his list.

  • Realism should be taken into consideration.

  • It’s ok to submit a car that doesn’t have an interior, however decent interior design can help with the final judging.

  • If the 4.2 update happened to drop during this challenge, We’ll still stay in 4.1 till the challenge ended.

  • Remember to include the car heater If you’re going to design the interior.

  • iseeee

    Avoid using this specific body as It’s too broken, Your car will be binned.


Submiting & Naming Scheme
Model/Family Name: CSR143 - < your forum username here >
Trim/Varient Name: Name of your car and engine
Submit the .car file through Private Message on this forum. Do not post the .car on this thread, they will not be accepted.
Opening submission on: 18th November
Closing submission on: 2nd December


There might be some change to the rules within 24 hours.


1998… That’s actually within my design range. Barely, but I might be able to design something for this one.

So, obvious question first—If 4.2 drops are we staying on 4.1 for the remainder? Also, I’m going to presume the limit to negative quality is common sense, but is there an official bottom?


With practicality as a major factor in judging, I would expect our client to prefer 5-seaters.

How does one simulate this exactly? By including an interior fixture that’s shaped like an HVAC control panel?

Given that this is 90s econoboxes and that such cars still could be dead slow, will performance be considered at all as long as it’s not unrealistically bad?

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I didn’t put much thought of having someone sitting in the middle row. but yeah I’m expecting most of the cars to have 2 front bucket seats and rear bench seat.
Also yes, that will do fine.

Our main character will mostly drive the car on unpaved road, I expect the performance of such car to be slow. But not painfully slow; compared to his old car which do 0-100 km in like 14 seconds.

These limits seem a bit low - why not consider increasing the maximum trim ET by 10, for example? Granted, I was able to squeeze under the latter value with my first test build, but only by omitting all traction aids and using basic 90s safety.

Is there any inspiration for this, some images of cars would go a long way

Click this and you’ll see some pictures that I’ve prepared.


I’m not sure about this, I made 3 test mule cars before I post this thread and all of them complied with the rules. Our main character isn’t looking for a fancy car, he has to conserve his budget.


I’m finding that fitting into the ETs is challenging, but surprisingly awesome. :slight_smile:

After taking a second look at the ET limits, I have only recently realized that whatever compromises are necessary to stay under these values are certainly acceptable.

Anyway, this is the second round in a row to be set in the 1990s, but with a theme that sits at the opposite end of the budget and prestige spectrum compared to its predecessor. Even so, this is shaping up to be an absolute cracker, given that the fun comes mainly from staying under budget.

Is he looking for manual or auto transmission?

I think that’s part of the compromise you’re supposed to make. Automatic is nicer, but costs more.

NAM is in if we don’t switch to 4.2


Shouldn’t safety be a measured stat here, even though it’s an econobox? Or does Kasperi not really care about how safe the car is?

do an interior affect your car? or you get more points if you have a interior?

The rules state: