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CSR 93 - Securing the company (car)

Should have used the 4-door coupe body rather than putting some werid doors.



You are very right there. It’s got a new fascia, new engine, different transmission, and different suspension tune, along with aluminum panels instead of steel, but it’s the same base car.


Those rear lights look cool!


Only for $285.85 monthly payment rebate, down, financial, mail in rebate, per month payments.

A small photo gallery for the small SUV

This text



Those are some… space occupying rear bumper reflectors…

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Long Long Deflectors

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Reworked for not using 95 RON. I took this oppurtunity to change the looks…


Here’s my entry, the Baltazar Kilimanjaro.
Sorry for the 30 second ad, but I haven’t got any of my logo designs on this laptop.


2019 Satsunai Taiga.

Featuring a 2.0L naturally aspirated I4 producing 127 horsepower and returning 6.27 L/100km in approximately real-world conditions, as well as premium seating for six and a liftgate that not only opens vertically but has a side-opening partition as well.

(as well as foglights and plates and possibly wheels that probably won’t appear in the new update so this is likely the best picture you’re going to get of it, also RIP if the engine suddenly doesn’t fit)

Monthly lease cost is $261.29, and estimated total monthly costs for average businesses are $491.45.


OK, so I’ve been ill…the game has updated and it spewed my car into the ether! The only way to get below 48 ET on the engine is an i3, DAOHC, cast internals and a carburetor…but we then fail on the loudness and emissions!

Edit: ET of the car is borked too!

So what’s the new value we are aiming for?

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Simple. Don’t update to the open beta.

EDIT: Actually let me make this very clear

DO NOT update to the open beta.

This CSR round is based on the normal version of the game. DO NOT send me any entries from the open beta version of the game.


2019 Takemi Endira Liftback-S

A new bodystyle and premium trim level for the Takemi Endira, Takemi’s midsize sedan. Available with either a 300 HP V6 or an economy-focused 200 HP turbocharged I4, and in either a 8-speed automatic or a 6-speed manual transmission. Submitted with the I4 and the manual transmission.


So for anyone using the open beta, would they be better off reverting to the last public release (which is based on the build prior to the open beta) for the sake of submitting an entry?

Edit: My entry was submitted before the latest open beta build came out. And I understand that last statement from the host.

What part of that did you not get?


Cronian Motor Co. Presents, the K-Star.

Powered by a 205hp* Boxer 6, standard AWD system, roof rails, twin Full sized spares tires (1 external), the K-Star is a force to be reckoned with.
In the snow, rain, hypermiling, and the AutoX. The K-Star shows who the real podium belongs to.

*advertisement team has been burnt out on recent developments so here are early release photo shoot pictures.


CSR 93 - Round 1, Part 1: The meeting

Mid-morning, 18th January 2019
Brosegur HQ, Madrid, Spain

After spending a few hours discussing very important matters regarding the operation of the Brosegur business, a meeting was called in Brosegur HQ in order to finally discuss the lingering topic of the new company cars set to replace the current fleet of Volkswagen Passat TDIs that sales directors and branch managers had been offered over the past three years as a company car.

Leading into the meeting room, Jose Luis, who was directing this meeting and dealing with this topic, brought up the large number of quotes and advertisements he had through from numerous manufacturers and connected to the projector…Wait…

Jose Luis: “Men, is there anybody here that can get this projector working? Nobody? This… thing never works correct.”

After spending what seemed like an age of plugging things in, getting tangled in wires, getting other staff in the meeting to assist, all of which are hopelessly useless with technology, and then finally calling in the intern Miguel to look at it who connected everything in the blink of an eye, the projector was up and running for everybody to see the different offerings.

@DoctorNarfy - Shromet Mystic

Jose Luis: “Come on! Let us observe the first option that has been sent on to us. The Shro… Shromet Mistic. I can’t with English pronunciation.”

General opinion of those at the meeting: The Shromet Mystic certainly appears to be a professional vehicle and the car does give the appearance of a premium sedan, something they believe many of their employees will admire as they’ve been asked countless times whether an upgrade to a 3-Series or similar was possible. The monthly cost is acceptable if somewhat high at $483.75, meaning there is some money spare and could allow them to maybe tick another option box or two even if the vehicle generally comes well equipped. Although modern, it doesn’t seem to offer a very modern or innovative design, but this is fine enough. The fuel economy is good, meaning that employees shouldn’t complain when they have to pay for the fuel they use in private usage. Performance from the turbocharged 1.6-litre is more than sufficient, and the dual-clutch auto will be appreciated.

Jose Luis: “Ok, voting time as to whether we consider. A show of hands please!”

14 out of 16 in the meeting raise their hands.

Jose Luis: “Perfect, we shall consider this option.”

@yangx2 - Huangdou CC Ag Sportline

Jose Luis: “Ok, now the following car. This time the expected crossover and… I thought my English pronunciation was terrible but this now is impossible. Wang… no. Huang-doo CC Ag e-sportline. Definitely has presence!”

General opinion of those at the meeting: The Huangdou CC Ag Sportline displays a more muscular and modern appearance than the previous offering which is more likely to please those who will be receiving these cars, although a more subtle appearance would’ve been preferred for business aspects. A monthly cost of $410.80 is great, mostly due to the low price for the lease, which allows the potential for a number of options to be added the car, which will be needed as the car doesn’t have the longest list of standard features. Fuel consumption is acceptable. The somewhat large 2.4-litre engine does bring up tax and servicing costs, but the performance is stellar, which, combined with the dual-clutch automatic should really appeal. This being said, although cargo volume is brilliant, we can’t help but think our employees will feel rather short-changed with a far smaller vehicle than their current car. Also, does anybody want a Chinese car? I suppose we could give it a go, Korean vehicles were once considering horrible cheap things, but this has certainly changed.

Jose Luis: “This gives me the impression that my wife would somewhat like this vehicle. Let us see how many think this that the Wangoo e-sportline is an option. Sorry, Hhhhuangdoo.”

11 out of 16 in the meeting raise their hands, some concerned over the more compact dimensions and the short standard equipment list.

Jose Luis: “We will have to consider this after seeing the alternatives.”

@goblin95 - Kasai Cambria S Manual

Jose Luis: “Next. Once more we have a crossover, this time with the name of, and I will get this correct, Kasai Cambria S, which, as clearly indicated by the rest of the name, is our first manual transmission option.”

General opinion of those at the meeting: The Kasai Cambria S appears to have found a very nice balance between the aggression and the muscularity wanted by the employees and a proffesional appearance desired by the company, while still offering a modern design. The monthly cost is near the maximum, coming in at $490.02, but we can’t see any reason why additional equipment would be required as it is loaded! Fuel economy is exceptional and taxation is minimal, meaning the car truly does outshine the Huangdou in terms of what we would be getting. The 1.8-litre turbocharged engine offers acceptable performance if nothing exceptional, but shouldn’t exactly leave people lacking as it is similar to the Passats, but a manual transmission will be a bonus to some yet a concern for others and we may have to request a second quote for an automatic for those who insist, which would leave us worried about the costs. Inside, the cargo space is once more impressive but the statistics indicate it would be even tighter than the Huangdou, leaving us concerned once more. The car is exceptional, but we will have to see if this is enough physically to satisfy the needs of everybody.

Jose Luis: “Can we have a show of hands please to determine our verdict.”

12 out of 16 in the meeting raise their hands, many impressed by the car itself but some think an auto will cost too much and one concerned over the size.

Jose Luis: “Better than the… Chinese car. For now, it seems OK but we will see what else is offered.”

@Echowaffle8 - Satsunai Taiga

Jose Luis: “After the Cambria we have… um. A van? Did they realise that we were requesting a vehicle for salespeople not for technicians? Oh, it has windows that is strange. Ok, we have here the Satsunai Taiga. How… lovely!”

General opinion of those at the meeting: To start off, what on earth is going on at the very front of the car! This is not OwO time, we are a professional company. It has whiskers! We really do think that our employees will not be in favour of driving around in this either, it simply does not suit what they desire. The costs are close to maximum as well at $491.94 pcm, and the car only really comes with rather standard fitted equipment meaning again we are behind in this category. Fuel economy, although higher than the previous cars we have seen, is still acceptable and we don’t think our employees would find much issue in that. They will find issue in everything else instead. Bearing in mind fuel economy is higher, performance is unacceptable as the 2.0-litre engine produces very little power and the acceleration is slower than our base salespeoples vehicles, while also being paired to a very complex 9-speed automatic which seems like complete overkill. The only thing that we can truly remark positively on is the interior space, but with it being a van with windows and six seats we would expect no less.

Jose Luis: “A show of hands is unlikely, let us count any hands that rise.”

2 out of 16 in the meeting raise their hands in favour of the Taiga.

Jose Luis: “Oh, two people that is more than I had expected. There is no way we shall be considered this option.”

@MrChips - CMW AF260X VSport5

Jose Luis: “I’m starting to think that the manufacturers didn’t care about the brief we sent and just wanted to show off their latest products. Now we have a hot hatchback, the… lots of letters and numbers. Actually, CMW AF260X VeSport5. I don’t know anymore.”

General opinion of those at the meeting: We are almost certain that the employees would approve of this car no problem. Of course, that’s if we paid for them to have a second car because this would be bad in day to day life and awful for business purposes. We can’t refute the design being powerful and modern, but it just doesn’t work for what it is meant to be for. The price is close to the maximum at $489.43 and, bearing in mind the relatively short standard equipment list and the rather mediocre looking interior, seems a bit of a shame. What you certainly do get for your money is performance. Too much performance. We couldn’t have our employees going around with a 260 bhp ballistic missile getting to 100 kph in 5.5 seconds with the AWD and dual-clutch gearbox, as we’re just going to end up paying so many fines. That, and taking away portions of peoples’ wages. And the car is just too small, no questions asked.

Jose Luis: “Let us see how many think a hot hatchback is a good idea. Hands please!”

1 out of 16 at the meeting raised their hands, receiving a stern look from everybody else there in the meeting as to how somebody could be so out of their minds as to believing this would suit the job.

Jose Luis: “Really? Nevermind, in the bin it goes.”

@Boiled_Steak - Dotara Eiswolf 2.9 Eco

Jose Luis: “Ah, I see we have returned to normality with the submissions we have received. Now we have a perfectly normal looking car called the Dotara Eisbohlf… Aiswo… whatever, it has a big engine but eco. Why does everything have to be so difficult?”

General opinion of those at the meeting: First impression of the Dotara Eiswolf are mixed, as the car appears to have a sharp appearance yet it really isn’t anything more than just a sharp design that isn’t grabbing anybody’s interest. Some do like it, others not so much. We will be reaching almost the very limits of the monthly budget with this car, totalling $498.11 pcm, which lead us to believe we may be receiving a very complete package but to our astonishment, we have been appalled by the lack of standard equipment. Our vans come just as poorly equipped as this car, and with zero room for optional extras, we simply can’t be having this. The lack of ESP is simply astounding and infuriating. Additionally, the performance is simply too much with this near-300 hp inline 6. We simply can’t care about the outstanding fuel consumption and practical interior, the standard equipment is diabolical. Perhaps a higher trim, smaller engine model would’ve been more suitable?

Jose Luis: “Cruise control is optional! Climate control isn’t standard! My daughter’s Seat Mii has more stuff than this. If anybody raises their hand I will be astounded. Let us see…”

1 out of 16 at the meeting raised their hands, only for them to quickly lower it realising their mistake.

Jose Luis: “Goodbye disgusting piece of… Ok, let me put this e-mail in the bin and their address in the spam list.”

@abg7 - GEC GD20 Estate 1.8

Jose Luis: “Let’s go, we have another option that has been sent through to us. Perhaps an error has been made as a second-hand car has appeared. Oh wait, no this is brand new but cheaper. Once again, lots of numbers and letters, the GEC GD20 Estate 1.8. Car naming is terrible nowadays.”

General opinion of those at the meeting: We have instantly determined that the design of the vehicle leaves a lot to be desired. Although it features modern lighting technology, it appears that it has been slapped onto a rather boring car from the 00s. We feel our employees would not be happy with this, and although it does give off a somewhat professional appearance we believe the fact it seems dated won’t help that translate in reality. The cost is affordable, but it would have to be, costing $394.72 pcm, but we would almost certainly require to up this figure as it is almost guaranteed that our employees are going to want to add a number of options to the rather short standard equipment list. Performance is reasonable and we don’t think we will find any issue with this. The 1.8-litre turbocharged engine offers similar power to the replacement Passats and they were always enough, but the fuel consumption at 4.4l/100km is very impressive indeed. Interior space is cavernous, the boot would be able to meet all everyday needs and have no issues with business tasks. Overall, it is just a very basic package that isn’t really improving on what we need to replace if anything it backtracks somewhat.

Jose Luis: “Yawn. Can we decide as I am tired of looking at this car. This car is tired. A display of risen hands please.”

7 out of 16 of those at the meeting raised their hands, a shocking number all things considered but the majority of these also felt the Passat was “enough of a car”

Jose Luis: “We have many more to see, this will not be enough.”

@vmo - Gabatron DV6 2.0 Dijon 170

Jose Luis: “Men and women, we have the next motor vehicle here on the projection at this moment. This is the rather orange and very French Gabatron DV6 2.0 Deehon… wait… Deeeeejjjon. Yes? I know nothing. It has 170hp as well and a misleading emissions figure. What do we think?”

General opinion of those at the meeting: Not very often do we get the opportunity to see big French sedans nowadays and this is a breath of fresh air amongst all the German crossovers and the like. The design is unique, to say the least, but we aren’t exactly blown away by it. I feel many employees will actually like this idea to be fair. Having said this, we certainly won’t be purchasing this vehicle in metallic orange, we need a more professional appearance and although it isn’t offensive we’d prefer something more neutral. The monthly costs leave some room for movement at $460.14 every month, but it is likely the costs will be at the maximum as once more we have a vehicle that is very much down on standard equipment, and we think that even spending the full amount won’t suffice. Additionally, we have to factor in that this is a manual and some will likely desire automatic versions and at increased cost, knocking down the additional spending money even further. This being said, fuel economy won’t be of too much concern to those who could receive this should be fine with it and performance is sufficient from the 2.0-litre turbocharged engine. Interior space is up to standard if nothing excessive.

Jose Luis: “Deeeeee… jon? Du… no. Whatever it is that mustard from France. Anyway let us see how many agree to this option.”

10 out of 16 raise their hands in approval of this car, concerns over the shortage of equipment and the cost easily spiralling to fix it.

Jose Luis: “Hmmm… not the best of showings. We will have to see how things go with our other options and take it from there. Deeeeeeeeeejon!”

@CorsicaUnkown - Pajaro Civetta SE

Jose Luis: “Moving on from the Deeeeeeejon we now have the next vehicle of practical measure as it is very much similar to the Passat with it being an estate. We have the wanker… wait. Wanker!? Ah no, my error, it is the bird. Why do the name these this way? Paharo Thhibeta S… Wait it is not Spanish? Ok then, Pajaro Civetta SE. Tell me.”

General opinion of those at the meeting: The Pajaro Civetta in estate guise certainly has the professional appearance nailed while being somewhat more interesting from certain angles than the Passat it replaces. Nevertheless, we can’t help but think this doesn’t really appear any more modern than said vehicle, nor do we think it will appeal as much to our staff. The costs are closing towards the maximum at $474.77 pcm, which we would be absolutely fine with it, once again, the car didn’t have a number of features on the options list that will almost certainly be desired by many. Our biggest gripe isn’t the fact that it does come as standard with an automatic gearbox, but more to do with the fact that we can’t quite get our heads around there being a 5-speed available in 2019. This outdated technology doesn’t impress us, and will certainly be disapproved by our employees. A serious shame bearing in mind the stellar performance from the punchy and sweet-sounding 2.55-litre inline 5 this vehicle is fitted with as well as the reasonable fuel economy and impressive luggage capacity, albeit somewhat smaller than the Passat for passenger occupancy. Overall, we feel this is just like a glorified, technologically outdated and punchy small estate car.

Jose Luis: “I still can’t believe I almost mistook this name as wanker. We’ve had this once nearly in Spain, a repeat is not what is required. Besides, a show of hands please.”

6 out of 16 meeting members raise their hands, many disapproving due to inferior technology.

Jose Luis: “I feel that this is belonging to the rubbish.”

@Xepy - Kuma BK

Jose Luis: “Ok now we have to move onto the following option, this time a very brief and short name, the Kuma BK. BK meaning Burger King?”

General opinion of those at the meeting: The Kuma BK signifies a return to the traditional yet demanded premium sedan segment in our offerings. The design is somewhat controversial within the team as some like and others dislike, but there is a consensus that the design ensures professionalism and modernity. Our main concern has to be the monthly costs as it is really scraping the barrel at $499.41, which can be paid but leaves absolutely no room for any options whatsoever. Thankfully the car is a far more complete package than many other of the similar-priced alternatives discussed previously with a more extensive, if not complete, standard equipment list as some features that would’ve been nice to include don’t appear. The performance from the engine is stellar, firstly as this is a turbocharged inline 6 engine producing nearly 250 bhp, but this is far more sedate and civilised than many would expect due to the calm and comfortable nature of the vehicle, assisted by the 8-speed automatic gearbox. Considering the performance, we were concerned about fuel costs but this is simply exceptional at 4.5l/100km, meaning we should hear zero complaints from our employees. Luggage capacity is sufficient for most personal needs and all business tasks, and passenger space is exceptional. We’re really impressed.

Jose Luis: “I’m just not sure about the design. Let us see how many think this would be a viable option.”

Everybody in the meeting raises their hands, despite the cost and conflicting views over the design.

Jose Luis: “Oh, ok. We shall see if our employees approve!”

@casanex - Akizu Baltic

Jose Luis: “Let me switch over to the following attachment, let us see. Ok, the next vehicle is the Aki… I will get this correct… Akizu Baltic. It seems again that a company has sent an older car as a new purchase, we shall see.”

General opinion of those at the meeting: Straight away we find issue in the design of the vehicle, as this is supposed to be replacing the Passat and that looks much sharper, more professional and more modern than this offering. From a business aspect, we’re not too impressed, but we are certain that those receiving this would’ve been further upset. The monthly costs are reasonable, but not reasonable enough bearing in mind a number of other things, at $438.49 pcm. We would need to go to the top end of the budget as the standard equipment list is very short and the car is standard with a manual, which is fine but some will request automatic versions. Bearing in mind how outdated it appears and the costs, we’re already seriously unconvinced. The engine is reasonable, the 2.0-litre turbocharged engine accelerating the car at a sufficient rate, enough so to prevent complaints. Fuel economy is perfectly fine as well so we wouldn’t get any issues in that aspect either. With this being a wagon there is plenty of cargo space for all purposes but the passenger compartment is amongst the most cramped we have seen so far, possibly too cramped for most. It doesn’t look good.

Jose Luis: “My God. Let us see if there is any chance of this getting any sort of approval.”

Nobody in the meeting raised their hands.

Jose Luis: “That has solved that, in the trash and e-mail address to spam.”

@ElMenduko - Boulanger 4B Adventure

Jose Luis: “I will try and forget how terrible that previous offer was. Ok, but now we move to the next possibility, the Bowlanher… no I am just not going to try anymore this is too difficult. The 4B Adventure. Yet another crossover, I have a feeling we are going to see many more.”

General opinion of those at the meeting: Again, straight away we find issue with something. That urine coloured metallic yellow is a definite no go, white shall suffice. Otherwise, the design offers a great blend of modernity, muscularity and professionalism meaning we really can’t complain and I’d believe neither would our employees. To be fair there have been better designs so far but we can’t really say no to this. The costs are at the very limit of the budget again, closing in at $497.50 pcm, but this is fine as there is a reasonable standard equipment list, although some may want some extra toys it should please the majority, and the vehicle is equipped with an automatic as standard so there are no concerns of going over the budget finding one. Performance is more than sufficient, the 2.3-litre five-cylinder seems interesting and gets the car moving very effectively without becoming excessive. Fuel economy isn’t the best, but 5.5l/100km isn’t going to be an issue. Our main concern with previous crossovers of this size was always passenger space, but this one is larger inside than all previous offerings in this segment and should be spacious enough.

Jose Luis: “I still can’t believe they chose urine yellow metallic! Ok, ignoring the colour let us decide if this is a potential option.”

15 out of 16 people in the meeting raise their hands, one just feels a tiny bit of room for optional extras would be necessary.

Jose Luis: “We’ll pretend that was everybody and submit our interest.”

@F12OM - Oxford Motors Moonlight 2.0Ti Business

Jose Luis: “Ok now we are moving on to this car with a very long name. Oxford University Motores… I just can’t even read now! Oxford Motors Moonlit 2.0Ti Booseeness or whatever it is let’s just take a look please.”

General opinion of those at the meeting: This car looks great for 2007. It’s a shame we are looking for a replacement in 2019 to a car we started using in 2015. It looks fine, clean and professional, but we can’t be driving around in what looks like a ten-year-old Mercedes wagon. Additionally, costs are far too high bearing this in mind at $496.32 pcm, and then we have even more of an issue because the interior and standard equipment is just seriously lacking. We would normally be remarking on how impressive the performance is bearing in mind it is far lower on power than many others so far with this level of performance and how the fuel economy is more than acceptable, plus the interior space is simply cavernous, but we just can’t accept this car due to its obvious design and technological flaws.

Jose Luis: “You’re correct, this car would’ve been very nice in 2007. Shall we see if it is worth it in 2019”

Just 1 person out of 16 raises their hand, probably in a state of confusion as they just like older cars and don’t see a point in replacing the Passats.

Jose Luis: “Seriously? Whatever, this is going in the bin.”

@Centurion_23 - Straker Genmal Estate

Jose Luis: “We go from one boring but old looking estate to our next option that is… another estate car. And there was me thinking we’d be buried under crossovers. Let us discuss.”

General opinion of those at the meeting: Nobody in this office can come to a decision as to what the design is, whether it fits what we want, whether it fits what our employees want. Everything just looks oversized, including all the lights, the badging… everything seems too big. We’re really conflicted and not really favouring it. Otherwise, looking at all the other aspects of this, the car is rather good. Monthly costs are $488.68, leaving very little room for options but maybe a small upgrade could be squeezed in and we won’t have to worry about automatics as it is fitted as standard. The standard equipment list, thankfully, is also reasonably good so we shouldn’t have many complaints about the lack of tech. Performance from the smooth 6-cylinder turbo engine isn’t as brutal as we initially thought, instead the performance is barely better than the Passats but we can’t really complain as the fuel economy is exceptional. Interior cabin and cargo space are very good, too. We just wished it looked a bit more modern and everything wasn’t so oversized, and we know our employees will likely complain about this.

Jose Luis: “Turn on the headlights… beacon of light. Ok, ignore me, let us see a show of hands.”

8 out of 16 people raises their hands, most of which somewhat reluctantly as they realise the technical side of the car is impressive but the design is undesirable.

Jose Luis: “Hmm… I will leave this at the very bottom of the pile to potentially, but very unlikely, discuss should we have a lack of options.”

@Ezdmn - Mondo E7 Executive

Jose Luis: “Let us see what we have next on the list, one second… What the…! I shit on my mother. Who thought this was a clever idea? We have a Mondo E7 Executive, please let us not agree on keeping this.”

General opinion of those at the meeting: There is simply no getting past the design of this vehicle. Eccentric and polarising, nobody here likes it, our customers will not like it and I think our employees won’t like it. This is a very niche and unique vehicle for the kind of person that has a sense of style that only they could comprehend. We simply can’t consider this. That is a real shame, because statistically speaking the car is astounding, with a great deal of standard equipment fitted to the vehicle, which is good considering we’re nearly top end with the budget at $491.61, and the performance from the 3.0-litre turbo engine is borderline fast but not so fast we could be having problems, although being a manual with the budget being that tight wouldn’t have left room for automatic options. The fuel consumption is excellent as well. Interior space is great as well for both passengers and their luggage. But just look at the damn thing, “I shit in the milk!”

Jose Luis: “Please, let me delete this. When I ask you to raise your hands, don’t. Raise your hands if you approve.”

3 out of 16 people raise their hands to approve of the Mondo, much to Jose Luis’s disgust.

Jose Luis: “You disgust me, how could you!? In the bin, goodbye.”

@Mr.Computah - KAS Aranj 2.2 Statement

Jose Luis: “Now I have reset my brain from the trauma that the previous option created, let us move on to this interesting wagon, the KAS Aranj 2.2 Statement.”

General opinion of those at the meeting: You take even the quickest of glances at the KAS Aranj 2.2 Statement and you can instantly appreciate the modernity and sharpness of the design. If anything this could be a bit more aggressive than what we would’ve hoped for on the business side of things, but we all agree it is a stellar design. We can also appreciate the lower monthly cost, coming in at $445.66 but we will need to completely top out this budget with options and there is a distinct lack of standard tech and features and it is standard fit with a manual meaning we’d also need to leave room for those who request automatic versions. Performance from the 2.2-litre turbo engine is sufficient, offering decent acceleration slightly more rapid than what the Passats offered, and fuel consumption is more than reasonable, falling around the magical 5l/100km mark. There are absolutely no concerns over the interior space being offered here, with luggage capacity and room for passengers both being ample. We just need to see if the costs will work out.

Jose Luis: “Ok, let us see how many think this will work.”

11 out of 16 people in the meeting raise their hands, concerned over whether the costs will actually work out.

Jose Luis: “Hmm… an interesting car that could’ve worked with some more options, very typical German car then. We shall consider it only if we don’t get enough to choose from.”

@machalel - AAAA Spectrum 2000 Sports Estate

Jose Luis: “Let us go from this estate car to the next… Estate car. This time with a terrible name, AAAA… AA? AAA? AAAA? Batteries? Ok, AAAA Spectrum 2000 ESports Esta-te. Spectrum 2000 sounds like a camera from the 90s. Honestly. Ok what do we think.”

General opinion of those at the meeting: Initial reactions of the car are that it does look a little bit more on the dated side than we had hoped, but bearing in mind how many others we have had like this we find this one to be the better of the bunch. Having said that, this is being completely annihilated in design terms compared to our previous offering. The costs are reasonable but definitely have to be that way at $478.69, but this isn’t low enough considering the rather stingy standard equipment levels, somewhat commonplace so far. Thankfully the vehicle is equipped with a 6-speed dual-clutch as standard so we won’t have to look into automatic options. That being said, we wouldn’t look into this as an option as the 2.0-litre engine is seriously underpowered compared to everything so far and offers far worse performance than the Passats we are replacing. Luggage space is more than ample, but the passenger space is the smallest yet and would be far too cramped for many.

Jose Luis: “People let me see your hands if you think this is right.”

2 out of 16 people raised their hands, both of which were glared at by their colleagues.

Jose Luis: “E-mail to trash, address to spam. Done!”



CSR 93 - Round 1, Part 2: The meeting

@Elizipeazie - Anhultz Dione

Jose Luis: “Ok let’s go we have another option to see here. This one is the Anhultz Dione. I got that right first try, I impress myself.”

General opinion of those at the meeting: The Dione is clearly quite the statement vehicle with some very prominent features about the design. We are certainly conflicted and divided as to whether we like the design or not but it is certainly going to get eyes looking, yet somehow it isn’t to the point where we couldn’t get away with it on a professional side. Very interested indeed! We do have a bit of a budget problem as this is only just feasible, coming in at $499.86 pcm but within the budget nevertheless. Thankfully the car does come well equipped as standard and although we may get complaints that there isn’t any room for options this should suffice. What also shall suffice is the performance on offer, thanks to the turbocharged six-cylinder offering great acceleration without being too fast or getting through fuel. In fact, this is particularly good on fuel bearing in mind the size of the car and the engine. Inside, the passenger space is simply cavernous and really impresses, while cargo space also is nearly up there with the crossovers and wagons. Really impressive stuff!

Jose Luis: “The looks really aren’t my favourite, but let us see how many want this.”

13 out of 16 in the meeting raise their hands in approval, the remaining completely loathing the design.

Jose Luis: “Hmm… I have a feeling this could be interesting. Let us put it on the good list, no?”

@zschmeez - Albatross Pomona 2.0T

Jose Luis: “It appears we have moved on to the next entry and once again we have a wagon. I seriously thought it would be crossover, crossover, crossover etc. It is the Albatross Pomona 2.0T. Easy to say, let’s go.”

General opinion of those at the meeting: Can we seriously take a moment just to appreciate how absolutely, wonderfully boring and dull this vehicle looks. The only thing keeping us alive at this point may just be the red paint, which we’ll likely not offer. It’s so dull we’d question whether it looks professional, yet we are certain that our employees will find it more of a problem. The one thing we thought may benefit is the budget as the monthly costs fall at a very reasonable $402.15, but by the time we’ve added options again, we’d probably be more in line with other options. Thankfully there is enough room there to do so. Mechanically speaking, the 2.0-litre turbocharged engine offers the amount of power we’d expect and performs as we would expect, in fact, this is really rather quick, while fuel consumption remains really rather low. Interior space is more than acceptable both for luggage and passengers. But will our employees be OK with the dull and rather dated look?

Jose Luis: “I’m going to yawn again… Shall we make a vote?”

9 out of 16 in the office raise their hands, or were they just stretching? No, it is 9 out of 16 as they argue the car itself is absolutely fine but many think there is no chance their employees will want it.

Jose Luis: “Eh, maybe we’ll show it to them and see what they say, depending on what else we have.”

@Dorifto_Dorito - Nohda Assent GLi

Jose Luis: “Ok let us move on to something more interesting I hope… Oh wow this does look better but this looks very small. Nohda Assent GLi. Let us discuss.”

General opinion of those at the meeting: As much as we want to love this car, as the design is striking, modern and really appeals to us from a professional side, even though the design is so aggressive, and will likely appeal to those who could drive it, the car simply is too small, too expensive and too poorly equipped. It is not even worth going into detail, this is the only standard hatchback we have had and this is just not big enough for many, the price is very near the $500 limit and we just feel that many options would be required to satisfy the needs of our ever-demanding employees. The performance is nothing more than OK from the 160 bhp engine as well as this appears to be quite heavy all things considered. Who knows, if they did a cheap $350-400 pcm one we would perhaps consider this for our base sales staff?

Jose Luis: “Ah, shall we do the vote then and get this over with.”

Nobody in the office raised their hands to submit their interest in the Assent.

Jose Luis: “I will delete the e-mail, but let me reply to them and see if they have a cheaper one for the base sales staff then, that could be interesting!”

@LS-Vehicles - Trity Recon XL

Jose Luis: “Moving on from that disappointment we move on to the Titty! Oops, sorry, Trity Recon XL. Doesn’t seem very XL but instead poverty spec.”

General opinion of those at the meeting: In all seriousness, when a car company is contacted by a large professional firm to ask for cars for the lead sales teams and office directors are they going to have the indecency to send over a car with poverty spec bumpers and steel wheels without hubcaps? We are not paying near $500 pcm on a car that looks so clearly unprofessional. What a way to completely ignore the brief, absolutely despicable. As for the design looking past this, the front is reasonable and modern but we’re utterly confused by what is going on at the back and seems to belong to an entirely different vehicle. Otherwise, on paper, this is a very reasonable car, since it is the only 7-seater so far, offers ample passenger space and masses of luggage space, comes relatively well equipped, performs reasonably and doesn’t get through too much fuel. But the lack of professionalism of the vehicle and the company that sent us to this is unforgivable.

Jose Luis: “Agh, get it away. Any hands?”

Nobody in the meeting raised their hands, instead a load of angry frowns and heads shaking.

Jose Luis: “E-mail is delete, address is spam. Next!”

@Mikonp7 - Deer and Hunt Goonie Wagon GreenAir

Jose Luis: “Here is to hoping we don’t get disappointed that way again, we move on to the car with a very, very long name. Der and Hunt Gonee-eh Wagon GrenAir. I’m done. Let us just see the car OK.”

General opinion of those at the meeting: If there is one way that we agree on describing the design of the Deer and Hunt, it certainly would be bold. Everything about it seems large in size and is trying to make a point. We’re conflicted as to whether we like this, as well as whether we find this design truly modern, but we will have to determine that by seeing what our employees think. Moving onto the cost side of things, we are looking at a respectable $490.50 and thankfully we have a large enough equipment list to allow us to not need options, except the fact the car is fitted with a manual which will be fine for 80% of them but we’re not sure if the budget will allow us to cover the cost of an automatic so we will have to look into that, too. The 1.8-litre turbo engine offers respectable performance on paper with a sub-9 second time putting it in line with Passats, but fuel consumption is one of the highest yet so again we will have to look into that, as well. Hmm… lots to look into here, everything is very possible but nothing certain. As for interior space, we’re glad to say that the passenger space is fine if not the best and the luggage space is more than sufficient. Is there just too much to factor in given the cost and other options so far?

Jose Luis: “Hmm… let us see, a show of hands please.”

7 out of 16 people in the meeting showed their support for the long-named Deer and Hunt, with cost concerns, consumption figures being higher and the design being just too much for most.

Jose Luis: “A shame, a potential contender but just not good enough.”

@NormanVauxhall - Znopresk Zanzibar 3.7 Prime

Jose Luis: “We are now moving on to the next option, the Znopresk Thanthibar 3.7 Prime or whatever you would say and it is big, men. Very big. Huge. Let us discuss.”

General opinion of those at the meeting: The result is simple. How in the hell could we even consider this car? The good is limited to the sheer size of it, meaning internal space is cavernous. But this means that using this around smaller rural villages is going to be impossible. The performance is reasonable and the fuel economy is fine. But this is the top end of the budget with similar equipment to a Dacia Sandero. Just… no!

Jose Luis: “A vote please?”

1 out of 16 people raised their hands leading to a particularly familiar looking situation


Jose Luis: “Ok, that is 15 of us now, let us move on to the next.”

@ramthecowy - Cavallera Moia Prima 200

Jose Luis: “Ok let us be moving on from that and on to the next option we have sent to us, the Caballero Moia Prima 200. Cavallera, sorry! I saw gentlemen.”

General opinion of those at the meeting: A breath of fresh air is upon us as we appear to have returned to excellently executed designs the blend a brilliant cocktail of professionalism yet aggression within their modern design. Nobody here can fault the design and we are almost certain that those who could end up with this would enjoy it as well. Moving on to the costs, the Cavallera comes in at $458.47 pcm but we will almost certainly have to stretch to $500 pcm and hope that this will add the equipment that the car doesn’t seem to have a standard that we would believe will be largely requested. Having said that, thanks to the standard-fit automatic gearbox, this should actually be doable and we aren’t too concerned over this, but we will have to investigate. The performance from the 2.0-litre turbocharged engine is more than sufficient, offer great pace bearing in mind this is far from the most powerful car yet. Equally brilliant is the fuel economy, coming in below the 5l/100km mark. Interior space, bearing in mind this isn’t the most practical of bodies, is very decent with ample passenger space and an acceptable sized boot. We seriously hope that the costs can work out on this one!

Jose Luis: “The more I am looking it up and down the more it appeals to me. Shall we have a verdict on this car?”

12 out of 15 people at the meeting raise their hands to approve, a few reserving their final judgment until the costs have been calculated.

Jose Luis: “Hmm… I don’t want to say it is a definite yes, so I will put this at the very top of the pile of those we will refer back to should we not have enough to choose from.”

@Nicking_HC - CSM Espada Ester FT (AMP)

Jose Luis: “Let us get moving on now people to the next option as we have here the… oh. Another small hatchback thing. Do we even need to discuss this, the CSM Espada Ester FT? Ugh!”

General opinion of those at the meeting: Much like the Nohda Assent, the CSM Espada suffers just from being too small. The brief was something better and just as capable as the Passats, and yet here we are with a smaller and worse equipped hatchback with a rather bizarre, underpowered turbocharged V6. It looks nice though, but this is honestly the complete opposite of what we required. Next!

Jose Luis: “A lack of hands please.”

Nobody in the meeting raised their hands in approval.

Jose Luis: “Right, next one!”

@EddyBT - BT Motors Panthera XH

Jose Luis: “Let us get to the very next possibility on this very long list, the very long BT Motors Panthera XH. A nice easy one to pronounce as well.”

General opinion of those at the meeting: Where the previous option fell this one simply marvels, hooray for not being tiny. Our biggest gripe with the car is the design and only one feature of it. Why does the Panthera require such massive, BMW-esque, beacons of light the size of wheels? Everything else is clean, sporty and modern while appearing professional, but who said “OK” to those lights? Tone it down! Looking at the costs, this car comes in at $481.95 per month, amazing value considering how much more car you are getting for your money compared to the last and the far better level of equipment as standard, even with some room for maybe another box or two to be ticked. The performance is impeccable, as the turbocharged six-cylinder is effortlessly powerful yet ultimately smooth as it doesn’t perform quite as violently as the power figures suggest. Thankfully, the engine is delightfully efficient, with 4.5l/100km on the cards here. The interior space is a bit strange, as the boot is simply cavernous. In fact, we think the boot is too big, I wouldn’t want to try and reach something at the very back, while passenger space is just acceptable. It would’ve been great if some of the boot space were to be traded for passenger space. This being said though, there’s no real obvious flaw here!

Jose Luis: “Could you imagine how bright those headlights must be? Anyway, onto our final decision.”

14 out of 15 people at the meeting showed their approval of the Panthera, one holding back because those lights are just too damn big. At that moment, the 16th member returned after being thrown out and was allowed to return to the meeting.

Jose Luis: “That will do, but don’t make any more stupid decisions eh. We shall put this car in the approved pile, that makes 5 now!”

@Caine - Arkdaus Duke II Premium-Commute


Jose Luis: “Moving away from the Panthera we have the next option here, the Ark…daus Duke dos Premium-Commute. What a strange looking specimen!”

General opinion of those at the meeting: We’re utterly confused as to what the designers were going for when they were coming up with the Duke. From some points, it seems like a very run-of-the-mill boring sedan, yet from others, it is trying it’s hardest to be a sports coupe and the result just doesn’t work. The front door is massive and impractical, the rear door is tiny and impractical, the rear wing and massive diffuser is just a no, the strange supercar mirrors are overkill, yet the front looks more boring than the Passat. That’s the first problem. The cost is close to maximum at $497.61, and lo and behold we have another vehicle with a distinct lack of standard equipment. More importantly than this, we looked into the gearbox to see if we would have to look into an automatic and stumbled across… a sequential. This isn’t a race car, this is a commuter/business car! Get out! Who cares that the fuel economy is OK and passenger space is fine, this thing is dreadful! Also, the boot is tiny, far too small for our needs.

Jose Luis: “I think the verdict is clear, but let us see.”

Nobody in the meeting raised their hands.

Jose Luis: “Yet another one for the delete the mail and spam for the address!”

@JohnWaldock - JHW Ceres T5i

Jose Luis: “Shall we progress into the next option that appears in the list. This time we have…”

[insert stare shock meme thing]

Jose Luis: “Those headlights are something else.”

General opinion of those at the meeting: Those headlights are so comical it’s impossible to take this car seriously. We don’t need beacons of light, and it’s completely ruined the professional aspect of the design and everybody here hates it. No matter what, this car just can’t be considered. Just delete it.

Jose Luis: “Are we sure we just want to bin it straight away?”

Silence at the meeting.

Jose Luis: “Ok, bye bye!”

@PengiWanKenobi - EKW Premier TTI

Jose Luis: “Let us progress further into the list of submissions, the next vehicle here is the EKW Premier TTI and oh dear. Hmm… let us briefly discuss I need another relaxing cup of café con leche. MIGUEL!”

General opinion of those at the meeting: Our mind was pretty much set on the verdict of this car when we saw the pictures and a brief overview of the stats and we are not impressed. The design, although modern in places, is seriously lacklustre and seems to combine modern lighting technology with a design happily acceptable in the 90s. The cost is rather on the steep side, especially considering the lack of standard equipment, coming in at $496.02 every month. Stepping further into the problems, the fuel consumption is the worst yet at over 7l/100km which may be a serious concern for private usage and we’d have to check if that meets our company’s environmental policy. The performance is nothing more than average and the interior space is acceptable, but that doesn’t even slightly redeem the car from its obvious cons.

Jose Luis: “MIGUEL! QUICKLY! While we wait, shall we decide how rapidly I bin this?”

Nobody in the office showed any sign of approval.

Jose Luis: “I’ll make that super quick then.”

@racer126 - Gescheck SpaceOccupier

Jose Luis: “Ah, at last the coffees. Ah yes of course the next car as well, we have this one now which I dunno just look at it the name is too long right now I have my coffee.”

General opinion of those at the meeting: We have a serious problem with the professional aspect of the car, let’s just start there. The name “SpaceOccupier” doesn’t really come off great, instead rather childish. That being said, that isn’t as childish as the oversized badging on the car. Furthermore, this car looks like an early-00s model that has been endlessly refreshed to bring it up to modern spec and we really don’t feel it. If it wasn’t for the childish and dated design aspects we would really consider this car. The technology on board is to a great standard and the price would allow for some further option boxes to be ticked thanks to the $462.85 pcm costs. The engine is not only powerful, offering great performance, but also frugal bearing in mind the car is shaped like a cube. It also comes up there as the best for interior space. A shame, we would’ve really like this to be more appealing.

Jose Luis: “I shit on my mother that coffee is hot. Ah! Quickly make a decision on this one, I’m going to get some water.”

6 out of 16 people in the meeting showed their limited support for the SpaceOccupier, citing that the car is excellent if somewhat childish.

Jose Luis: “Soothing water, just what I needed then. And I suppose we should move on as well.”

@Aaron.W - Tanaka Atlantis 2.2 G

Jose Luis: “We progress from one disappointment to the next. I’m joking, this is the Tanka Atlantis 2.2 G and I am hoping that my joke doesn’t become true.”

General opinion of those at the meeting: Where the previous car disappointed, the Tanaka Atlantis manages to do the opposite, offering a charming appearance, coming across as a well-sorted design that will translate into our professionalism, while also appearing modern and somewhat aggressive. We’ve had some more exciting designs, but we can’t complain about this. Where the previous car excelled though is where the Atlantis sinks. The cost is already at the very near maximum we would allow for, coming in at $499.98. Three cents more and this would be a hard no! The biggest disappointment is that at this cost we have a rather cheap interior with a lack of standard equipment, meaning we just have nowhere to move. The performance is nothing more than acceptable, the fuel economy, albeit reasonable, is nothing special, the cargo space is nothing more than acceptable, although passengers will be pleased that it is spacious for them. A good looker but a lacklustre performer.

Jose Luis: “My joke may be coming true, shall we find out?”

5 out of 16 people in the meeting supported the design of the Atlantis but it was clear the costs just wouldn’t work.

Jose Luis: “It did. Eh, moving on!”

@Leonardo9613 - Baltazar Kilimanjaro 1.5 Tellurium

Jose Luis: “I’m not making any more silly statements, I am simply going to move to the next option and not say a word. It is the… oof what a name. Baltazar Kiliminimijaro 1.5 Teyurum. Yes? Whatever…”

General opinion of the meeting: Apart from the lack of geographical knowledge of our colleague, the Baltazar Kilimanjaro certainly looks like it could go places. Again, we appear to have a great blend of modern and aggressive design without going overboard and ruining the look, meaning for business use we would be very happy. We’re certain our colleagues would be, too. The costs are certainly fair at $468.10 pcm but we will need to spend the lot to get the tech we would require as this is down on it again. Having said that, we do get a bonus of 2 more seats in the back which will really appeal to some. We can’t really complain about fuel consumption at 5.3l/100km, and although this is the smallest engine so far at just 1500cc, the performance should still be enough for the job, although many alternatives have been quicker. In all fairness, we thought we would get more like this. Interior space is exceptional, offering a large boot and loads of room for passengers as well. We cross our fingers on the costs though!

Jose Luis: “I would like a show of hands for this.”

11 out of 16 people at the meeting show their approval, again with some holding back on the costs but impressed by the 7 seats and the car overall.

Jose Luis: “Ok then, onto the pile for now and we’ll look at it later, perhaps.”

@CC9020 - Fuji Clarity Euro PST Fleet

Jose Luis: “From the hard to say mountain, or so I’ve been told, to this next option now. The Fuji Clarity Euro PST Flet… Fleeeet. Yes? Ok, but why does it have to have so many words in the name?”

General opinion of those at the meeting: Look, there’s nothing really obviously wrong with this car, we’ll just start there. The problem is, we’ve looked at so many cars now we’ve just come to expect something a bit more “wow” to make us say yes. This car completely lacks anything interesting to it, the design is really rather dull all the way round, not exceptionally modern either but it isn’t exactly bad nor offensive, so we can’t really knock it down in that sense. We are pleased about the costs at $479.37 per month, especially considering that we will be offered cars with very reasonable standard equipment. Running costs will be low for those who will be using this for their daily lives as well thanks to low fuel consumption, and we simply can’t fault the boot space on offer. Perhaps too much boot was traded for passenger space as it does feel more cramped than similarly sized options. Considering the large 6-cylinder engine fitted, the car doesn’t really seem to perform all that spectacularly considering the power, but it is fine nevertheless. But we just find this doesn’t really come to as much as many we’ve seen before, yet we can’t really say it is bad either.

Jose Luis: “Shall we see what we think about this one then?”

10 out of 16 people in the meeting raised their hands, none particularly enthusiastically.

Jose Luis: “Eh, as I expected, we’ll consider it for now but not a certainty.”

@Nicholander - Takemi Endira Liftback-S

Jose Luis: “I’ve just seen, this is the last car now! This is the Takemi Endita Liftback-S and you will not be forgetting this look in a long time.”

General opinion of those at the meeting: The last car eh? Well, we’ve seen some amazing designs and some incredible engineering, and right here we have a fantastic example of exactly not that. The first impression that has been given by this car certainly isn’t one of the best design. There are elements of this that would fit perfectly on an everyday modern vehicle, and others that seem to belong on a car from a bygone era generally found mostly in a scrapyard than on the roads. It is a mashup of modern and older styles that really isn’t working, and it’s as if the design tried to be aggressive in places and soft in others, but both of these somehow don’t work. Not impressed at all. The costs are top-end at $499.64 and thanks to a great standard equipment list we aren’t too fussed about this until we saw that this was a manual, meaning that the select few that will demand an automatic will be left out, something we can’t be doing as we will upset too many people. These obvious flaws are really something that can’t be outweighed in any form, and bearing in mind the fuel consumption isn’t the best, nor is cargo capacity, there’s not really much more we can say.

Jose Luis: “Ok, quickly we’re nearly there now, what do we want to do?”

4 out of 16 people in the office raised their hands.

Jose Luis: “That is a certain no then. Next and final!”

The entire meeting sat there somewhat disappointed. They thought they would get to the end and have to fight through a mountain of pieces of paper, do loads of research, even hold further meetings to actually narrow down the choices they needed to make. The company had set aside for a total of 8 cars to be tested to see if they would be up to the job, but upon checking they realised that there were only 5 cars that were definitely accepted.

Jose Luis: “Well, we definitely have those five so we don’t have a problem there. So what are the next three?”

The Huangdou CC Ag SportLine, which the meeting decided would definitely remain a contender thanks to the sharp looks and the crossover body being very desired throughout with their employees. The lacking equipment could easily be made up for within the budget.

The Kasai Cambria S Manual was looked into a bit further, and an automatic version would just about be possible but they may have to request the dealer to maybe take off some of the massively extensive options to make up for this, something that really isn’t ideal but the car was nearly perfect otherwise. This meant this was still up for consideration.

The Gabatron DV6 2.0 Dijon 170 still remained a reasonable vehicle, but bearing in mind the Huangdou offered more car for less money, this was ultimately dropped from the list.

The Straker Genmal Estate was still deemed a rather exceptional package, but the design was found to be very far behind the other contenders and therefore was knocked off of the final list.

The KAS Aranj 2.2 Statement probably had one of the best designs available and even though this was an estate it had really left a positive impression on the entire team. The cost allowed to fit an automatic no problem, and a few options could be added which they hoped would be enough to satisfy the needs of their employees, meaning the car was still up for consideration.

The Albatross Pomona still impressed thanks to the low cost allowing for a good amount of options to be added, but the design seriously fell behind the rest of the pack. A quick consultation with some staff lower in the ranks at the HQ lead them to remove this car from the list.

The Cavallera Moia Prima 200 was borderline accepted anyway, there was no way this wasn’t going on the good list now. In fact, this car is accepted no matter what.

The Baltazar Kilimanjaro 1.5 Tellurium is almost the exact kind of car the team had in mind when they were coming up with ideas for what would become the new replacement, but bearing in mind we already have two very interesting crossovers that offer a bit more, this was dropped from the list.

The Fuji Clarity Euro PST Fleet, bearing in mind every car considered up until now, just felt really behind the pack in many ways and it took no time to remove from the list.

This still left a dilemma, the remaining cars totalled 9, one more than what was requested. The meeting requested if it would be possible to view all nine cars instead, but the forces higher up quickly replied that they couldn’t. A further discussion quickly came to the conclusion that only one car needed to make a compromise in order to work, the Kasai Cambria S, meaning this was, at the very end, removed from the final list.

Congratulations to…
…you have managed to make it through the final round!



GGs though to everyone, and good luck to the finalists!

Anyways, if anyone is interested in checking the car out, here is the revised Kasai Cambria that really could have been a more serious contender
Kasai Cambria - S - DCT.car (53.8 KB)