CSR Ninety-Seven - NOYFB


If you have never participated in a CSR before, please familiarise yourself with the CSR General Rules in this thread. Thank you.


Your Brand’s Car Dealership, Las Vegas, Nevada
March, 2015

“Hi there! How can I direct you this morning?” The receptionist chirped cheerily as the fit, middle-aged man approached the front desk.

“I would like to speak to your sales manager, please.” The man said.

“Do you have an appointment?” The receptionist asked as she picked up the phone.

The man paused for a moment; “Err, did I need one? I can come back another time if that’s a problem…”

The receptionist held her finger up as she waited for an answer on the other end of the phone. “Oh hi Nathan, it’s Cassie at the front desk. Are you busy right now? I have a gentleman who would like to see you…Oh, OK, I will send him right back then, thanks!” The receptionist hung the phone up and smiled. “Nathan can see you right away; he’s in the last glass office on the left!”

The man smiled. “Thank you very much.”

Nathan stood up as the man entered his office, extending his hand; “Hi I’m Nathan, welcome! And you are?”

“I’m Mike, pleased to meet you!” The man said as firmly shook Nathan’s hand.

“Please, sit down,” Nathan said as he motioned for the chair in front of his desk. “What can we do for you today, Mike?”

“Well, I’m just evaluating my options right now…see, I’m looking for a car with a fair bit of performance…” Mike said as he sat down.

“Oh, well, you’ve come to the right place then!” Nathan beamed. “We carry a wide range of high-performance cars here!”

“Well, I need a car that’s easy to drive, has excellent acceleration, can seat four adults comfortably and has a very high top speed.” Mike said.

“Oh…looking for a car you can take the family out on Saturday afternoon, then win a pink slip Saturday night, huh?” Nathan said with a wink.

“Not exactly,” Mike replied levelly. “It’s for my business.”

“Your business?” Nathan replied, raising an eyebrow, “like, what kind of a business?” he added.

“Let’s just say it’s for a high-performance application.”

“What, like one of those track driving experiences?” Nathan asked, his curiosity piqued.

“Yeah, something like that…” Mike said offhandedly. “I also need twelve of of them.”

“Twelve?” Nathan leaned back, somewhat taken aback by Mike’s request, giving his head a bit of a shake.

“Twelve. And I can’t break the bank on them either…I’m on a pretty serious budget.” Mike replied.

Nathan took a deep breath and sighed; “Very well, we will see what we can do here. Anything else you need from these cars?”

“As a matter of fact,” Mike said, pulling out a handwritten list from his jacket pocket, “there is…”


  • Trim and Engine Variant Year must be 2015 (Model and Engine Family year can be anything)
  • Must seat four adults comfortably - 2+2 is NOT ACCEPTABLE - and must be a four- or five-door body style
  • Must run on regular unleaded fuel only, 91 RON
  • Maximum loudness of 35, must have catalytic converters
    *Minimum 55 Safety
  • Automatic or Advanced Automatic transmission ONLY
  • ESC is mandatory
  • Semi-slick tires are PROHIBITED, while sports compound tires will be allowed, but penalised in judging.
  • Maximum Engine ET of 150
  • Maximum Chassis ET of 140

There are also two special performance restrictions for this challenge:

  • Entrants must have an achievable top speed of at least 300 kilometres per hour, and
  • All entrants must be able to achieve a final trap speed of at least 200 kilometres per hour at a place that just isn’t that important, really. (Link goes to a custom track; extract this file to My Games\Automation\Tracks; if you don’t have this folder, create a folder called “Tracks” in My Games\Automation and extract it to that)

An advertisement should be posted as usual; any mods on the Workshop are permitted for this challenge.

Judging Criteria

  • Driveability is critical in this application. The car will be spending most of its life accelerating up to very high speed and down again, by drivers who run the range of talent that you’d expect in the general population.
  • Design is important…you’ll see why later.
  • Service costs, Fuel Economy and Reliability will be very important in this challenge. This car has a very important job to do, and it can’t afford to be breaking down, chewing through tires or needing constant refueling.
  • While there is no budget requirement, this is a fleet buy, so the cheaper you car is, the better.
  • Comfort is important, as the driver(s) of this car will be in it sometimes for a few hours at a time.
  • Weight is a consideration as well…you’ll see why later.
  • Cars that exceed the 200 km/h trap speed at The Unimportant Place REVISED will be given bonus points in the judging matrix.

Submission Guidelines and Deadline

As always, the same naming system applies!

Car and engine model name: CSR 97 - “username”
Car trim: Brand, model and variant of car
Engine trim: Engine model/variant

The rules are open for suggestion and changes until Friday, April 5th at Midnight GMT, at which point the submission window will open. The deadline for submissions will be Midnight GMT on Sunday, April 14th!

Please note that there is NO WINDOW for resubmission; if you submit your car and it does not comply with the rules, you’re out of luck, sorry.


So he’s on a budget. But how much of a budget? What price are we shooting for? It says the cheaper the better but this is super open ended and I’m not quite sure where to start haha

The cheaper, the better, that’s all I’m going to leave it at…it’s up to you to interpret what that means :smirk:


I feel like allowing DCT’s would be very helpful when shooting for acceleration, and also, many Europeans don’t actually know, but 93 AKI (98 RON) is found in almost every gas station in America so that would allow for a lot more engine tuning wiggle room

Does it have to seat four people? No 5-seater config like usual?

ay yo, what happens if several of the bodies do this?



Hmm i think it would be key to try and attempt a one to one PWR TO WGT ratio

This guy sounds a bit shady to me… modern, cross-border Pony Express.

Does this refer to the top speed in the Test Track tab?

Also, what about trim and engine production units? Is there a maximum value for either or both of them? If not, why not?

As for (trim) emissions, is there a limit to that as well?

And will our client accept anything with more than 4 full-sized seats?

How tall are these adults? Silly question I know but I know how tall I am…and what sort of size of car I can sit in comfortably. :slight_smile:

You’ll just have to pull your pants up and work even harder, because these aren’t changing. And as for the fuel concern that true…but these cars aren’t necessarily going to be strictly in North America or Europe either :wink:

Your car must seat a minimum of four adults; if you want it to seat five you can, but there is no advantage to doing so.

If they do that, we might have a problem…

To answer in order:

Yes, top speed will be determined from the test track tab.

No, there will be no PU limit, because with the ET limits and the need to make your cars as cheap as possible (while making the requirements) will be more than enough.

No, there will be no emissions limits.

They will all be between the height of 163 and 195 centimetres.


I’m thinking about just doing an updated LLA Sceptor - this time not a wagon - this time no turbos

Say are we allowed to use mods for the cosmetics?

Anything on safety?

Unless stated mods are always allowed for a CSR.

Just gonna say, 93 AKI is only widely available on the East Coast. West of the Mississippi, most fuel maxes out at 91 AKI (around 96 RON). Still, I’d say for a performance car, it’s realistic to expect someone to put Premium in it, 91 AKI.

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Yes that was an oversight on my part; your entries should have a minimum of 55 safety. After all, these cars are going to be used at very high speed, even if there isn’t exactly a lot they can hit in their planned environment.

The OP has been updated.

So there has been some confusion over this, here’s what it means:

200 kilometres per hour on the track provided is the minimum acceptable value, but anything beyond that will be given bonus points.


How do i Mount a map to automation?

Why are sport compound tires penalised?