[CSR70]: A Car the Cops Can't Catch

Car Shopping Round Rules

The buyer:
Meet S. He’s a silent, no nonsense getaway driver for the toughest criminals in Fruinia. He used to be a ghost to the police, who were unable to even get a glance at his car. That’s starting to change.

This year the police got an upgrade. With new, faster, more durable cars, S is barely getting away from them. And when he does, his car is so uncommon that when the police see it, they know it’s him.

He needs a new car. It needs 4 or more seats. It needs to be common enough on the roads to blend into traffic. It needs to hold cargo. And he’s got a budget of $18,000.

Trim year must be 2005.
Must have 4 or more seats.
Must score at least 90 in one demographic in Fruinia.
Must have a Catalytic Converter.
Maximum cost of $18,000 @ 0% markup.
Minimum of 750L of cargo volume.
Minimum of 350KG of load capacity.

Aditional notes:
There’s no right way of doing this. A small, easy to drive econobox that can simply out last the police on fuel will do better than a hard to drive sports car with insane acceleration and top speed. A strong off roader is just as valid too.
I will be counting safety as a strength value.

PM me your entries as:
Car model: CSR70 - Username
Car Trim: Car name
Engine Family: CSR70 - Username
Engine Variant: Engine name

As always with CSR, submissions need an advert of some kind along with your car

Deadline is Wednesday 25th April - 5PM BST


2 days? Give us a break :cold_sweat:

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Can we have uuuuuh, uuuuuh, one week please? :grin:


I didn’t quite realise how late into the week it is. I’ll stretch it out to late Monday. If that’s too early, I’ll try and go further. Kinda pushing the original weekly schedule though.

Maybe skip a week and make it the 25th, then do the reviews by the weekend?


Yeah I agree, make the deadline the 25th. That gives people 1 week to make their designs


Works for me.

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Kishiwo Katoya 2005

special in every meaning, the perfect car for you, thats the reason why you can see them everywhere!
This version will cost you only arround 13300$ and it will be equiped with an 160hp turbo for your fun on the daily way to work (or the daily run from the police).

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What octane fuel are we running? It’s not mentioned in the original prompt.

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Whatever you want. I left the rules purposely very vague so people get more creative. Obviously you still have to score 90 in any demographic in Fruinia, so that’ll probably limit fuel choices for you, but if you can find a way to make 100 octane work, go for it. Forget realism for this, make a great car

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Forget realism for this, make a good car

forget realism

make a good car

Get ready for some proper shitposts then men


I call dibs on the following slogans :smiley:

“You don’t have to shout loud to be heard”


“Get Away From It All. Fast.”

My car is called the Anonymoto Escape and if I recall correctly it has a 4.5 litre turbocharged V6. I made it very quiet and extremely torquey in the low end.

It will do 0-100km/h in 4.5 seconds and has a top speed of 300km/h

Price of parts is about 12k I think, I might have overshot it after markup!



Hard Rooster Motors presents, the 2005 Lay-Z-Boi Concept.


2005 DiMarino Cuneo Turbo

Ever wanted to feel like you’re driving a sports car but want a hefty dose of practicality for the daily commute? Then our Cuneo Turbo is just the ticket. WIth a punchy and efficient turbo I4 under the bonnet, a practical yet stylish estate body, and suspension tuning that manages to be supple and sporty at the same time, it’s no wonder that the Cuneo Turbo is popular among enthusiasts who have outgrown their favorite sports car.

Key to its agile dynamics are its near 50/50 weight distribution front/rear, a six-speed manual gearbox hooked up to a mechanical LSD, vented disc brakes on all four corners, and staggered high-performance tires wrapped around 17-inch alloy wheels. And it can reach 60 mph in just over six seconds while pulling 1.0g on the skidpad. But the most pleasant surprise of all is that it costs just under $17,000 excluding markups. So what are you waiting for? Get one now and make your commute more exciting than it has any right to be!


LLA M50X - 'Cause SUV’s Are Designed For Offroad, Not The School Run

A Car That Does As It Says On The Tin.

  • $17557 From Your Local Dealer

So my entry was very very thirsty, I re-tuned the engine to 300hp / 380lb ft of torque and it will now get 27mpg.

0-62mph now takes 5.6s though (it was 4.5s) and it will only hit 164mph (it was 186mph)

Peak torque comes earlier though, at 2600rpm, and peak power at the 6200rpm redline.

I also forgot to add the $cost of engine materials on, is that how we calculate the price? Mine is coming to 14,500 before mark-up. Which means only about 20% markup to hit the budget limit. Is that acceptable?

I’m also finding that my turbo engines seem to want ridiculously large exhausts, is this a bug in the game?

I have exported the model and will send it your way soon, I still need to make an ad! Sorry I’m new to this :slight_smile:


We get the price from the markets page, it looks like the image below, and I have highlighted all you need to know for the pricing.

Yellow = This is the price with markup included

Blue = This is where you can add markup or markdown if you are generous

Pink = This is the dropdown for region, for this round you want to set it to Fruinia and aim to get your car to score at least 90 in one of the categorys such as Pony. This will not affect the price of the vehicle. Just it’s competitiveness in as each region has different demographics.


As LinkLuke has said, get your price from the markets tab. I’ve updated the rules to specify a 0% markup too, for anyone else that was wondering


Well, at least in this round we’ve abandoned any pretense of this thing having much relation to reality. Consider it an exercise in exploring the game’s limits!


Does that mean you’re going to exercise your personal limits and make a mundane cheap hatchback? :wink: