Custom taillight issues

I have tried searching for a way to make custom tail lights like so many of you do. By this I mean like using a vent as the headlights basic shape and then adding in other lighting to make it look totally unique. My issue always arises where once I have got it sized properly and set it in place, sometimes my computer will momentarily lag and then the part is not where I would like it to be. Then once I try to grab the smaller light innside the larger vent it always tries grabbing the vent instead of the light ( if that makes sense? )

Do any of you guys have any tips besides a better computer :stuck_out_tongue: my funds are currently more focused on getting my built 02 wrx back on the road. Thanks.


Lower your graphic settings in the launcher options menu.
I know what you are saying… and yes its annoying that when selecting a fixture you sometimes grab the other one, no matter how good you tried to click the other fixture :stuck_out_tongue:

This will be something that will be fixed eventually I guess. For know you have to deal with it by either lowering the graphics or know when it lags so you can anticipate.

sadly I am already running on the lowest setting and the pictures I put up I have to go in and change the graphics and turn on SSAO currently when playing I run with these settings

lowest quality it can go ( unless taking pics )
no full screen
no SSAO ( unless taking pics )
and no for the multiplayer sounds

I almost wonder how hard it would be to implement like a layer tool so that when your working on stuff like this the slider to the right of the car ( the one that allows you to see inside of the cars motor ) could also double function as a layer bar or maybe put another slider beside it. this would make custom jobs so much nicer for both quality and playing experience :slight_smile:

That layertool has been discussed before. Its not as easy as you might think. Im a Game Designer myself so I know whats going on to implement the smallest thing which appears to be really simple. The double function is not a good idea, as people wouldnt really understand how it works correctly in an easy way. Best is if they made something where you can select from layer 1 - 5 and then start putting layers in different numbers. But thats something for later. Lets just coop with the way it is now and get the main parts of the game working until they start polishing everything to perfection :wink:

Yeah, we are thinking about ways of doing the layer tool in the future.

One thing is for sure, there will be performance improvements in future, so the framerate should become less of an issue :slight_smile:

oh sorry if I made that sound like it has to be right away sort of thing. I was more meaning it’d be nice if the game could have that upon final completion or even added in once the main game is sorted out. I am in no real rush for a feature like that, but was seeing if there was any tricks you guys were using. so far the only real trick i can think of and do is place the vent where I want it then make my light larger ten the vent to figure out the angle the light must go ( this also allows me to still move the stupid thing around if my comp lags. ) , then pull the light to the side while I down size it and hope where I position it fits how I see it in my head.