Demo Will Not Work

I Downloaded The Demo Yesterday And A Pop Up Box Said That My Graphics Card Did Not Have Pixel Shader 3.0 I Continued AnyWay And Selected Start Demo Then The Screen Froze And Said Automation Laucher Has Stopped Working. Please Help Me With This Problem ASAP


Well, how should we help you? Either your PC does not meet the requirements or something is not set up properly. Maybe you’d like to give us some information (for example what is your graphics card).

I Am Not 100% Sure Of THe Graphics Card BUt I Am Using A Asus X5DC Laptop With 3Gb Ram, 320Gb Hard Drive And A Intel Celeron D CPU 1.2GHZ Processor So Its Not Exactly A Gaming PC. :unamused:

ZanBay is this your laptop? … 025/review

if it is that laptop has 256MB of Dedicated Graphics Memory…

Yes Juno8 That Is My Laptop

I guess the graphics chip is just too weak then, there’s nothing we can do.

Yep, if it comes up saying your Graphics Card doesn’t support Pixel Shader 3.0, it means your graphics card is most likely not capable of running Automation (that’s why the warning is there :wink: )