Distorted car

After the latest patch, I’ve opened a detailed project I’ve worked on for the last week and found all fixtures missing, and the body looking like this…

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Oh no, melting cars again :grimacing: I think you should post it to UE4 Open Beta Body + Variant Issues list - #664 by The_Stig_Is_A_Spy
I wonder how that issue is still around.

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So this was an issue before? ahh, it was heart-breaking to se it this morning. Was in finishing stages…

Thanks for telling me where to post this.

It seems that this time your firm was hit by a force majeure…
Did you save the projects?
Looks like it was supposed to be some cool Mercedes-like sedan with square headlights.

It was supposed to be, yes :smiley:
Not anymore :smiley:

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Apparently there is encoded a good chassis, so I figured it had to be excellent to satisfy the driver’s needs. And you were of course curious about the lap record, what it was like on the track, how fast it was on the straights, because the car turned out to be quite unusual.