Does body shape and fixtures affect anything

Does reshaping a body and adding fixtures the exception of the maximum possible selectable cooling area and down force does the shape of the vehicle affect stuff?

For example:
Weight and weight distribution
Maximum engine size
Aerodynamic efficiency
Comfort and utility

I think stretching out the body vs making it smaller affects weight.
Not sure if stretching it out to get more bootspace or headroom affects utility/comfort.

For the old system, before the current open beta.

Morphing the boot changed the size of the cargo box, affecting everything related to cargo box size.

Making the car longer changed the weight and weight distribution.

The rest is fixed.

Although IIRC with the new patch, passenger space should start getting affected by morphing the whole car.

With the new build, complementing what TPU said, changing the length will change the weight, price and weight distribution of the car.

And on the new build, they were going to implement changes to the cargo box/space, passenger area, which change comfort, practicality and utility.

To add more to that: offroad is affected by overhang, so morphing the car will affect that stat too :slight_smile:

So basically everything except engine size and aero then :stuck_out_tongue:

Are they planned in the future to?

That is correct.
We may work something out for the UE4 switch that then also affects the engine bay.

[quote=“Killrob”]That is correct.
We may work something out for the UE4 switch that then also affects the engine bay.[/quote]

That’d be cool. :slight_smile:

It’s also worth noting that the game does properly count the front of the car as cargo space when using a rear engine.

On that note are the body cd values shown when you hover over the body coming back?

Yes, more feedback about the car bodies is coming back. Cd value… maybe not because that is not really that useful, effective frontal area on the other hand, that is something that makes sense :slight_smile: