Drag Racing Challenge ROUND 13: 3 Cylinders Light Weight Sport Budget! Deadline 15/11/2016


I ask to hold off on the next rules until the next update because @Darkshine5 and I are under the assumption that the next update is going to happen the first of June. That is why the DRC3 was so short, he wanted to get it done before the next update. If it does not happen in the next few days I’ll send him some new rules.

I’m thinking FF eco cars; I3 engines would be great for this. If the update does not happen in the next few days I’m thinking WRC AWD cars.

The update might drop july first, defiantly not june.

I’d be very happy to do a FF eco car round :stuck_out_tongue:

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FF eco drag car. i tried that way too often…

Im just curious. Where DID the two of you exclusively find out the next release with physics updates is going to happen on 1st of june?

They are updating, afaik longitudinal grip, which is pretty significant for a drag race, but they just put a dev update on may 20th, and killrob had NO mention of it becoming stable, or is that in the closed beta, i have no idea what its in the steam beta.

Which is exactly the deciding factor IMO. Usually the dev updates tell us what’s going to happen.

Yea, if the other two have a special back door to updates, could you slide in the exact date of when v10s are added to the game to my inbox.

Jokes aside, the reason im skeptical of the delay is because i dont want to wait 1 month for the next update and finally be able to enter a car in this challenge.

I’ve been in the forums for almost a year now, and what I can say is that we might get the update (in stable form) until agost, simply because up to the last LDU the devs had almost no new work to show us, they spend most time re-balancing and re-coding and not implementing the new stuff. And as it happens, the open beta stage usually takes longer than everybody thinks.

About the longitudinal grip, I read it around here, from a beta tester cough cough @strop and I’m pretty sure killrob mentioned it in some post, but I can’t remember which.

Yep, 15% better longitudinal grip confirmed. Expect faster starts!

so 8secs dragger becomes 7.5 sec dragger?

new rules have been posted thanks all

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Presenting the 2016 Bogliq Kitten WRC!!!

Meant to blast down dirt roads rather than destroy the 1/4 mile, Bogliq is happy to supply a MY2016 WRC car to see how Bogliq’s finest fares against all who dare this Kitten’s mighty claws!!!

Buy better, buy Bogliq…

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This is Smooth Zeebro SR

More rally cross car than WRC. Mechanics from Smooth Racing abused the rules to the max.
It’s completely undriveable.
So far it consumes more than 30l/100km (less than 7.8 us mpg).

My guess is you will be seeing a lot of this:

I’ll wait a couple of days to submit, maybe I find couple of minutes to drop couple of hundreds… :wink:

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Birch Motors presents to you its newest rally car: the Nebula!

Bringing back the glorious days of rally (2004-ish) we at Birch Motors present to you: A sedan as a rally car!

Mind-boggling, isn’t it?

It may look more like a tuner than a rally car, but trust us, this car will rocket through the gravel stages of rally. Bit like Lancer Evo, isn’t it?

Speaking of Evo, we didn’t rip their spoiler design off in any way. Shush!

While designing this car, I almost drank some 2-stroke oil which was on my table. That’s probably the reason for the power curve of this car.

Also, our seats in this car suck. Our drivers complain about them all the time and they actively bring pillows with them to races!

Birch Motors - Because real rally cars are sedans.


This car is so scary ugly that, when snapping a photo, the brake caliper decided to run away.

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This looks like a lot of fun guys, Can a new entry join midchampionship and if so where would I find the regs as they are not imediately obvious to me.

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This is an ongoing challenge but there is no point system that carries through to each round so you will be at the same level as the rest of us if you get in at this round.

All the info you need to join in is in the first few posts made by @Darkshine5.


The first post explains it all. Welcoms to the DRC! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

And for everybody, at the end of July I will be doing a small magazine to celebrate the winners and the more unique cars that have entered the DRC and the PPHC. Now as my imaging skills are basic to say the least I am looking for someone that can do the pictures

Cheers guys Bangin’ gears out

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