Drivability loses 0.8

I have a car that has 53.8 Drivability.

On the list page it says 54 (rounded up)

When I open the car the Drv is 53. I move ANY slider up 1 and then back down the figure goes back to 53.8. Click the save icon several times and close the car.

Reopen the car and the Drv is back to 53!

Any ideas?

Isn’t that the usual bugged values thing? I think it’s based on the ride height not loading correctly. All you need to do is reload the summary screen by clicking on its tab.

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I thought this had been happening to everybody in Kee engine for about two years now, is the behaviour only appearing for you now?

Also is the same thing happening in UE4?


Just been back over my old CSR cars and they all do the same, but to varying degrees.

I’ve just never realised until now…and having 53 drv means I notice the large drop.