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EABL Elenir's Automation/Beamng challenge series/ 4# The non-official official automation Gacha! S2! (RESULTS OF S1 ANNOUNCED/CAR ENTRIES ARE OPEN)

And entries are open! The car pool contains 60 different vehicles from a large variety of creators. Track set will be revealed soon!

Remember to message me to start opening packs, discord or the automation forums work!


Explaining ER limit
ER limit is the max amount of ER you can use between all 4 stages of the competition. You are allocated 180 ER points for this season. Each car will cost you a certain amount of points. Their ER cost is shown in the lower left corner.

What to do now
If you haven’t gotten your packs yet, or haven’t joined yet. Message me any time to get your packs sent your way. For those that do have their cars, its time to lock your picks. In order to do so, simply send me a message that states which car will be used for each stage. as an example (HANDLING COURSE-CLYDE). I’ll inform if you go over the Er limit.

The courses(and links)

-Handling course: Its located in the automation test track in vanilla beamng.

-Toban raceway: https://www.beamng.com/resources/toban-raceway-rfactor-2-conversion.5552/ using the runoffs config

-Rallycross: https://www.beamng.com/resources/rswats-rallycross.13027/ using the rally cross configuration, you may take any course. REMEMBER TO DO 2 LAPS FOR THIS ONE

-Asphalt stage 2: Despite the name, its a dirt circuit. Beta - El Ferrito's East Coast Dirt Rally | BeamNG

A word on track limits: Track limits will vary depending on the type of course. On asphalt stages, having more than 3 wheels off the pavement will count as a cut. There are no such limits for the offroad stage and the dirt section of the rallycross circuit. Any cuts will incur a penalty

Submission rules are below


Laps must be recorded in beamng and sent to me through a google drive link/youtube or raw video. You may use the forums or my discord for this. Video must start during the initial countdown and end after time is shown on screen. Race conditions must be normal (No fastforward, lowered gravity).
You must send 4 separated videos, one for each stage and you must use the car you slotted for that stage.


Scoring is point based
All participants start with 50 points
Racing will be scored using a time based system, for each 3 seconds slower than the fastest competitor in the stage, you will lose 1 point.
This process will be repeated for all 4 stages.
Person with the most points at the end of it WINS

Deadline is the 25th of october. New participants are still welcome

Good luck to everyone!


What are the rules - if any - around wheels leaving the track when driving and making contact with guardrails etc.?

in that case you just crash. I’m just gonna penalize heavy cuts. If you accidently overshoot don’t worry about it too much.

Hey Elenir. I’m new here and completely missed everything. I’m probably late for the party, but hopefully this is not the last gacha round here. I have a few questions for you:

  1. Can I still submit my cars to you for later rounds?
  2. What’s your discord? (can’t find it, maybe I’m just not noticinng it)
  3. I tried creating my own automation cards that are quite pretty. Do you want some samples and the template? It’s a Photoshop one.

I can answer one of those questions; their discord was in the first post under “Step 1: Entry.”

  1. Season 2 is on the works right now. For organization sake, car entries will be opened soon, either during the week before the end of season 1, or by the end of season 1.

  2. Sure, I’ll talk to ya in discord.

On that note, once I open entries for cards in season 2 I’ll post a lil template collection. In case people want to take their own pics, etc etc. Plus other templates. that way if people want, they can contribute those bits about the car.

will we get to keep our cards for the following seasons? (kind of building a collection from which to choose). This could prove to be a maintenance nightmare, but just asking.

you will, all your cars are kept on record.

I wont reveal much details cuz I don’t like making promises but for season 2. Veterans will carry over their cars, and season winner will earn a special prize car.

New players in season 2 will get to open 1 legacy car pack, that is to say, a car pack that contains our current pool of cars. Alongside the packs which I’ll be announcing in season 2.


Are you still accepting new participants? I’m interested… :smile:

Hi! I also want to participate in the competition.
My supercar meets all the conditions, although in terms of engine power it is already on par with powerful hypercars. But these are the conditions of the Challenge, and that is why this vehicle reaches 100 km/h in 3.7 seconds, and its maximum speed is much over 300.
I wanted to create something similar to the famous in the 00’s Volkswagen W12 concept, with a twin W6, which, however, never went on sale as a cheap sports car for the people, despite high expectations from the market.

Similar models:

I am well aware that according to the FIA regulations of 2004 the car was not allowed to be equipped with TC assist systems, but nevertheless in my LVAP Verdana Venture vehicle I still put ABS, since after all the speeds are not small, and emergency braking from 300 km/h would be quite problematic.
So I present my car LVAP Verdana Venture Lumic.
The powerplant has 888 nm of torque at 4,500 rpm,
cost only $133,000.
Braking distance of 34 meters.

I think you accidentally posted in the wrong thread, @kalan.

Yes I am, entries still open, got one week, just message me and I’ll get pack openings done asap

Reminder its the last 3 days for recording upload, remember to send em through here or my discord. Whatever format or way you can as long as I can see the video it counts.

SEASON 1 OF non-official official automation gacha/bottom drives* IS OVER!

Submission for times are closed as of now. I’d like to announce not only the winner of our championship, which you’ll see in the handy spoilers below. But also the price winners!!! I at the Elenir 100% unbiased system have decided to reward the outstanding drivers of this season. Anyhow, let’s go on with the results

Handling course

Overall the handling course had the most impressive replays, people REALLY hugged the corners


Rally cross had, as expected, some sick slides on the dirt


Now the toban, that was an intense set of replays, people bought the best they had in their garages. GT cars, sport cars everything, it was an impressive show of point expenditure, in fact, nobody bought a common to this race!


The rally course was the fastest one in the entire set, most people never went below 100km/h in their replays, which for a dirt circuit, is quite impressive, colin mcrae would be proud

And the winner is!

Congrats to ImKaer for winning season 1.
I’d also like to announce two extra rewards to level out the playing fields.

The “The system screwed me over” award will go to LsSwappedRx7, in the Toban race, your time was off just by 0:00,010 from losing 3 points instead of four, just that inch of milliseconds less and you’d have one extra point on your belt.

The “Please give me a car I can’t spend all my ER” award will go to Golisopod for spending the least ER in the season!

All 3 previously mentioned competitors please contact me via the automation message board or through my discord to claim your special reward car(d)s!

Scoring excel sheet available here
scoring - Google Sheets

Stay tuned as for tomorrow season 2 will open! Including car file entries!


OMG, are people using rigs here or do I just suck so much as a racing driver?

Well, I’m using Thrustmaster T300RS, but afaik some of these faster guys are also driving on pad

skill issue tbh

So I came 3rd to last in 3 out of 4 races…but still scored 3rd place overall? Took me a second to figure out the math…

But hey, I’ll take it. GG ya’ll, this was a lot of fun!

Yeah, idk if you did it intentionally but pretty much you did a good play in the toban raceway. By sorta getting such a low time, you pretty much nuked everyone else’s score, giving you a good bit of advantage.