Engine Scenarios

I just bought the game and have been working my way through the v8 engine scenarios. I’ve gotten up to 2-Wheeled Insanity and cannot seem to get through.

I started with a lower bore and higher stroke with high (11:1~) compression and was only able to get about 140hp and even then I was approaching the top-end of what the bottom-end could handle which lowered my MTBF. I’ve been lowering the stroke to avoid this issue, but have lost any gains I had. I’m not sure it’s even possible to get the horse-power specs (180hp) within the allotted size limitations (13.780" x 13.780" x 13.780").

I’m not looking for answers, but some guidance. I’m still not clear on how compression, fuel mixture, and timing all correlate. I’m assuming I need to decrease fuel for higher compression and advance timing to keep from knocking (pre-ignition or ignition from compression)… and isn’t an engine knock also known as spark knock where the spark-plug basically dry fires… I know it could also be a sign of failure where the rods are beginning to fail. What kind of knock is the game referring too?

Anyway, love the game. Exactly what I’ve been looking for and I haven’t even began the car building side yet aside from some basic messing around. I hope you guys (the devs) are still working on this. Maybe people should advertise this game on car modding forums. I’m sure it would bring a great crowd following.

Here take a look at this
wiki.automationgame.com/index.ph … d_Insanity
You may have size problems as there are some changed mechanics afaik - but it should give you a good hint.

The game is still in progress, we just posted some videos on our YouTube channel and showed of some stuff thats in the Beta.

Thanks for the quick reply. I definitely used that guide after exhausting my own design and the size was pretty far out and the engine barely ran.

Have you been able to complete that scenario with the latest version?

I went back followed the guide exactly; the size is way out, the horsepower is only at 149hp, the compression is too high and the bottom end is beginning to fail.

I just want to make sure the scenario is even completable. Thanks again.

The scenarios with size limits in them are currently quite broken, so don’t waste too much time on it. Maybe they are doable, but at least totally unbalanced and not fun. They will be updated and fixed with the next major patch.

I kind of had that feeling so I skipped it. Thanks for the confirmation.