Engine sound bug

I found a little sound bug while making an engine. Problem occurs when this particular engine holds 1500 RPM. Other engines don’t seem to have this problem. I hope this finding will help further improvement of this awesome game :wink:
1.6L 20V DOHC sound problemRev0.lua (60.5 KB)

Is it the sudden loud noise bug?

Other bug is the bypass valve: in high RPM (aprox. 6000-12000 rpm), the engine sounds very strange.

Yes, it is.

Sometimes the engine sounds disappear completely. I can’t seem to be able to reproduce the error reliably, but it happens sometimes on the test track and on the engine test screen.

Also sometimes there is no cam switch over sound depending on the engine type.

I have my volume turned all the way down, but I still get audible clicks when selecting things and cycling through the menu, and the engine sounds are still active. It’s fricken weird.