Engine Sound recording

Hey fellas!

Just letting you know that i have a couple of cars that you might be interested in for recording sounds. They are both V8’s, but the sound very different.

One is a 1994 HSV VR ClubSport, only mod is cat back exaust, and the other is a 1970 LC Torana GTR, mods being the 308 V8 and twin pipe exaust.

If they will be any use to you, let me know!, im pretty sure Zeussy has my number :stuck_out_tongue:

Take care guys, and good luck!

Awesome, thanks Das!

First round of recording will be Inline 4s, but once we get to V8s I’ll get zeussy to bug you :slight_smile:

sweet as!

Will also be able to provide another engine / car for you to record when the time comes as i have just put a deposit on a 2007 VE HSV GTS… so there will be a 6.0L V8 should you require it also :smiley:

I think you’ll pretty much have all the sounds we need for V8s in your personal garage.

We might still need to track down a highly tuned very cammy V8, unless you are going to do some mods to anything any time soon :stuck_out_tongue:

Guess if you fancy some more recordings of V8’s, I could offer some assistance.

I’ve got a tuned Chevrolet small block in my Corvette. 383 cid, or 6.3 litres of displacement. It’s got a rather nice, slightly lumpy old-school sound to it, and I’d gladly try my hands at recording some sounds for you over the summer. Haven’t got easy access to a dyno though, so it’ll have to be unloaded.

Yes, please get some good V8 sounds, it’s the one thing that car games always do really badly :S

Daspeil has us covered for that! :wink:

dont forget that american V8s sound different from Australian or other countries’ at least that’s what i think

Really? I don’t think so myself, considering most aussie v8s are US engines anyway (LS series, Windsor V8, Modular V8).

The main difference is between crossplane and flat plane crank V8s - for example.

THIS is a flatplane (same as ferrari V8s) - youtube.com/watch?v=fULqRAn4 … page#t=56s

THIS Is a crossplane (same as US V8s) youtube.com/watch?v=hkFp6HBj … re=related

Probably the only thing we don’t have here are the really big v8s, ours generally top out at about 6L, but I don’t think the sound changes much as they get larger to be honest

See projectm71.com/Cross_FlatPlane.htm for an explanation of flat and cross plane

oh i see did not know the more knowledge the better

but the cuda had a little bit of a deeper tone to it due to the great exhaust system i think that’s what i meant when i made that first post

the first link sounded more like it would when it would have stock exhaust

i mostly like the low angry rumble of the cuda though.

Something I’d only just learned about too, and explains why Ferrari V8s sound totally unlike an American V8 :smiley:

yea ferrari is more high revved sounding i think

american V8s have more of a really low rumble (at least the old muscle cars)

so who cares about inefficiency american v8s sound awsome :slight_smile:

And what if I want to make an 8 litre V8 in my car design?

Well you can! It’ll sound a lot like a 6ltr v8 though (as they do in reality to be honest)

Most older Ferrari V8s were about 3000cc, max. 8000rpm, american muscle V8s were about 5000-7000cc and max. 5500-6500rpm - I think thats why they sound different.

The firing order certinaly makes a big difference though, because think of a 458 italia at 6000rpm and a mustang @ 6000rpm, both 4.5L ish V8s, but the ferrari sounds a lot more high pitched.

If you’re interest in a diesel engine sound

Engine Size - 2663 cc
Cylinders - 4
Power Output - 122 bhp
Valves - 16
Torque - 197 Nm 145 lb-ft

I can record my car :wink:

I dont know if it has been looked at already but each week Car and Driver does a little game called “Name that exhaust note”. I think there are over 100 different cars on there with a couple minute video each. There might be some good sounds that could be used for the game.
caranddriver.com/search/all/ … ust%20note