Engine space for van issue

I’m am trying to build a work van with the black bumpers and low ceiling and it will not let me fit any size engine Longitudinal. On all vans this size, the engines are always placed longitudinal.

Longitudinal RWD or AWD/4x4?

IIRC it should work well if you make the van RWD, but because of engine placement issues with AWD/4x4, combined with the fact that most of the engine bay of that car is in front of the axle, and you have issues fitting engines inside the car.

That issue is known and will hopefully be fixed soon since it is fairly annoying.

Not necessarily. The van is based on the VW Transporter T4, which is FWD. The current generation Renault Traffic/Opel Vivaro is also FWD, same with the Fiat Ducato/Ram Promaster.

thanks, i had no idea about the FWD vans since I don’t look at italian and English vans.