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Engine Things

I just wanted to ask when will supercharging be put in the game, when will we be able to choose how many turbos we have, and when will V10’s V14’s and V16’s be put in the game? Will they be put in at all? What about W configurations? Will we be able to make custom engine configurations, like attaching cylinder banks however we want? Say we wanted to make an X configuration for example. Get a little ridiculous guys! Leet us have V20’s V2’s give us more variety.

It’s not all that easy, they need to model every engine type, generate the sounds and so on.

New engine types are added every now and then, for example we just got I3’s a few weeks ago, and different turbo configurations will be added in the future I think.

Engines won’t go as crazy as V20’s or X configurations though. V10’s, I5’s and maybe I2’s are on the list from what I know.

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Ok. Well what about superchargers and twincharging?

Use the search function.

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God… Why people dont read FAQ’s?


Unfortunately I2s (and V4s) aren’t coming, at least not until DLC. :frowning: Boxer-4 will be the only very short engine available.

2-cylinder banks are nice for the carburettor era (superior fuel delivery per carb, yielding higher compression) and probably quite useful for cheap longitudinal FWD or rear-engine RWD (due to how Automation places the engine there is typically little space), but a small indie studio just doesn’t have the resources to include all mass-produced engine varieties.